Hideyuki Furuhashi’s My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Betten Court. It is both a spin-off and a prequel to the manga series My Hero Academia by Khei Horikoshi. My Hero Academia Vigilantes Chapter 116 is still a week away from us but don’t worry we will keep you busy with this article on My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.

We will bring you the release date & where to watch and a quick recap of the My Hero Academia Vigilantes previous episode. So this article will contain spoilers if you haven’t read the previous chapter yet. let’s get right into it.


My Hero, Academia Vigilantes Chapter 116

Release Date:

My Hero Academia Vigilantes chapter 116 will be coming out on 24th December 202. Number Six remembers how difficult it was for him to acquire the Number Six flame form. Number Six Destruction Style is the newest form. He bursts when he gets the Number Six Destruction technique. We see a shadow of All Mighty approaching as he is going to slay Koichi.

Where To Read/Watch:

Here is the list of official sites where you can read the Manga:



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My Hero, Academia Vigilantes Chapter 116: Spoilers 

Since there is still one week left before My Hero Academia Manga comes out. Usually, the Raw Scans and spoilers come prior to 2-3 days before the release. All we can do now is speculate based on the previous chapter. But don’t worry, This article will be updated as and when that happens.

My Hero, Academia Vigilantes Chapter 115

Koichi worries if Number Six has destroyed his legs, remembering how he was attacked. Number Six lands another powerful strike, pushing Koichi back and causing him to fall on the ground. He tried to stand up, but his arm wouldn’t cooperate. Number Six has completely ruined Koichi’s one arm and one leg. Also cracking his ribs.

Koichi notices that he is gasping for air, and Number Six is attacking at the same time. He tries to get up but seems impossible, and Number Six slams him down with fire hammer punches.

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

Koichi makes it back to his feet and knows that he needs to relocate and rehabilitate. He realizes that Number Six has acquired momentum, and he has been repelling and counter-attacking Number Six’s attacks. From above. Koichi chose to hide in the shadows of abandoned buildings. He understands that this will give him time to improve before Number Six assaults him.

Before Number Six can land the deadly blow that will finish him, Koichi must convince that the All Might will appear. He’s perplexed as to why “He” hasn’t appeared since the news went viral. AFO and Number Six approaches the building, and AFO is taken aback by Number Six’s new appearance. Koichi is the maestro of hide-and-seek, he reminds Number Six. But if he blows up the building, Koichi will be reduced to ashes and perish. Number Six is reminded to hurry by AFO, who wonders what he intends to accomplish.

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