Sakamoto Days Manga is a prominent Japanese manga series that debuted on November 21, 2020, and is still going strong. This series gained such a large following after only a few Chapters, that it now has a new Chapter. Yes! This week, Sakamoto Days Chapter 51 is coming out, so don’t miss it.

So, let’s go ahead and see what’s the Release Date and Where to read so that you can clear your calendars. Also a quick recap at the end of this article. So, swing to whichever section interests you.


Sakamoto Days Chapter 51:

Release Date:

The fans are so enthralled by Sakamoto Days Manga, that they are ready to know when the new chapter comes out. Sakamoto Days Chapter 51 will release on 12th December 2024. Yes, just 3 days left. Now where to read find out in the next section.

Where to Read/Watch:

Here are the official sites where you can read Sakamoto Days Chapter 51:


Manga Plus.

(Please use official sites for watching anime or reading manga, as it shows your support towards your favorite animes. Plus provides accurate translation).

Sakamoto Days Chapter 51: Spoilers

Since there is still one week lest before Sakamoto Days chapter 51 comes out. Usually, the Raw Scans and spoilers come prior to 2-3 days before the release. All we can do now is speculate based on the previous chapter. But don’t worry since only 3 days are left we can expect the raw scans soon. This article will be updated as and when that happens.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 50: Recap

Apart finds himself in an apartment barely conscious. This is right after the battle or rather one hour has passed. As he comes to his senses he sees a bunch of people eating snacks and that they are unknown to him.

Sakamoto Days Manga
Sakamoto Days Manga: Chapter 50 Recap

As shin tries to wake him up, Apart panics and moves away from the table. Shin warns him that there is no way he can take on a fight now. Apart makes it clear that there is no way they can use him. “we just need your help” Heisuke adds. Sakamoto says that he needs to calm down, as they just need the information on who hired him.

Apart starts to talk, he provides a description of the guy who hired him and doesn’t know any guy named Slur. we know for sure that Sakamoto Days Chapter 51 will give us more of Slur in action.  He then adds that he overheard a conversation on what they were planning, which is to annihilate JAA completely.

Meanwhile, we see Gaku and Slur entering JAA and they eliminate a guard. Slur talks about taking a step towards hollow justice. the Sakamoto Days chapter 50 ends with Sakamoto deciding to go to JAA.

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