Sasaki and Miyano, often known as Sasaki to Miyano. Is a Slice of Life, BL anime that premiered in January. Sasaki To Miyano is a Japanese manga series by Sho Harusono. published in the Pixiv Comic online magazine since 2016. The manga is filled with romance and imagination, which has kept viewers glued to the screen. The anticipation is high because the anime has received a lot of positive feedback. So let’s see what’s next for us in Sasaki and Miyano Episode 4.


Sasaki and Miyano Episode 4:

Release date:

Sasaki and Miyano episode 4 will air on the 31st of January, just 4 more days to go, so get super excited. But in the meantime, let’s see a quick recap of the previous episode. Just a reminder that new episodes of Sasaki and Miyano will be airing every Monday. If there’s a change in the dates this article will be updated accordingly.

Where to  Watch:

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Anime: Funimation.

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Sasaki and Miyano episode 4: Spoilers

Sasaki secretly confessed to Miyano in an empty railway compartment at the end of Episode 3, complicating things between them. What happens next will be fascinating to see. As Miyano struggles to choose how to respond to Sasaki senpai’s growing love for him.

Sasaki and Miyano Episode 3: Recap

In Episode 3, while waiting for Hirano to give him a study lesson before the exam, Sasaki runs into Miyano. Assuming Hirano will be late, he invites Miyano to join him for a cup of coffee. Miyano points out Sasaski’s delicate tongue, which can’t bear even the slightest heat, during their brief coffee conversation. He makes a fantastic joke about cat-tongued individuals being poor at kissing. Sasaki took advantage of the chance to spice up the conversation, but Miyano cut him off, insisting that he isn’t searching for BL experience. When he sees Sasaki defending the BL genre to Jiro, who caught him reading manga in class, the awkwardness evolves into respect.

Miyano recalls the chocolates he got from Sasaki and decides that on White Day, he should return the favor. Miyano gathers all his strength and shyly presents his sensei with a cute pack of chocolates, despite his initial shyness and reluctance. Every beat of his pounding heart, Sasaki is feeling. who dashed inside the classroom to repay his kouhai. He returns with a bag full of sweets, from which Miyano selects one that is “least sweet.” From there, things become increasingly amorous, and one day, while heading home, Sasaki eventually confesses to Miyano.

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