The hype may have subsided. But, the Attack on Titan was one of the biggest hits of the anime world for a long period of time. Taking a break from the usual theme of friendship, power, protagonist plot armor, and fan service. That has been running rampant in typical anime. During that time Attack on Titan instead built itself on subverting all of those. today we are going to see Top 10 Anime Like Attack On Titan.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the anime that is similar to Attack on Titan. Those that share some themes and elements of that series. And could give you the same vibes as Attack on Titan.

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Top 10 Anime like Attack on Titan:

10. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress:

At no. 10 we have Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress. amount the anime on this list may be the most obvious inclusion. In this anime, the world is in the midst of an industrial revolution. When a mysterious virus appears and transforms humans into kabane. The only way to kill them is to destroy their steel-coated hearts. Ikoma is infected and transforms into a hybrid like Eren Yeager. Just by looking at the plot and storyline, one can definitely say it’s just like Attack on Titan.

Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Produced by WIT Studio, the Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress has 12 episodes and 2 films. You can catch this anime on Crunchyroll and Funimation

9. Black Bullet:

Shooting its way to the 9th spot is the Black Bullet. the year is 2023 and mankind finds itself devasted by Gastrea. A parasitic virus capable of infecting humans and animals turning them into monsters. hopeless against these monsters, humans are forced to live inside cities protected by walls. made up of Miranium which is capable of hurting these monsters.

Black Bullet

The Balck Bullet may not be fully like Attack on Titan, but similarities are many like circumstances and characteristics. The anime has 13 episodes.

8. God Eater:

At no. 8 we have God Eater. in 2071 creatures known as Aragami are destroying the world

God Eater

Hope is not lost as an organization is able to create a weapon  “God Arcs” capable of killing these creatures. And the wielder is known as God Eaters. A dystopian world where humanity is driven to extinction by monsters. sounds a lot like Attack on Titan. The anime has 13 episodes in total.

7. Akame Ga Kill:

With decisive swing seventh on the list is Akame Ga Kill. Able fighter Tatsumi embarks on the journey to the Imperial Capital in order to earn money. But gets on a different path when recruited by Night Raid a group of assains trying to end corruption. It gives a fresh plot where there are no monsters or viruses or even the end of humanity.

Akame Ga Kill

Instead, it is similar to Attack on Titan in the way of the graphics and willingness to kill off the main characters. Giving more uncertainty and suspense. This anime has 24 episodes.

6. Seraph Of The End:

Up next is a vampire fantasy, Seraph Of The End. The world comes to an end when a virus eliminates everyone age 13 and above. The remnants of humanity become slaves to the new conquerors, Vampires. The vampires use children as livestock. Not happy with the way the vampires treat them, Yuuichirou and Mikaela come up with a plan to escape.

Seraph Of The End

Again the Seraph Of The End is very similar to Attack on Titan, where humanity is fighting monsters. And Also have a similar protagonist like Eren in terms of motivation and personality.

5. Hellsing Ultimate:

Hellsing Ultimate

Fifth on the list is Hellsing Ultimate. Although this dark fantasy anime only has 10 episodes, it is widely regarded as one of, if not the greatest, vampire anime available. The plot revolves around the Hellsing organization, which is hell-bent on eliminating supernatural forces that prey on humans. Again the theme is very similar to Attack on titan.

4. Elfen Lied:

next on the list is Elfen Lied. it’s about the Diclonius, a fictional race. They resemble humans except for the fact that they have small horns. They’re seen as monsters because they have invisible arms that can grasp and pass through solid objects, allowing them to rip anything apart.

Elfen Lied

Lucy, a Diclonius imprisoned in an experimental facility, is the primary character. Her abilities have the potential to rip a titan from Attack on Titan in half. She gets amnesia during an escape and confronts these beasts.

3. Claymore:


This 26-episode dark fantasy tale takes place on a medieval island where humanity is under attack by humanoid shape-shifting creatures who devour them. For a charge, a group of ladies who are part monsters and part humans murders the monsters. Their claymore swords and silver eyes are well-known. Each of the island’s 47 districts has a Claymore warrior stationed there.

2. Berserk:


Berserk follows the main character, Guts, and his mercenary outfit, Band of the Hawk. Griffith, their commander, becomes a close buddy of Guts’ yet stays mysterious and distant. This story has some serious horror sequences as well as betrayal. Like Attack on Titan, it’s worth the wait for more seasons.

1. Goblin Slayer:

The first in Top 10 Anime Like Attack On Titan is Goblin Slayer.

Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer follows a priestess who is a novice adventurer. She teams up with a group of guild members for a contract task. However, everyone dies on the quest. She barely survives when a mystery guy known as the “Goblin Slayer” saves her. A mercenary who is exclusively into killing goblins.