Though some people might have not liked the animation of the Record Of Ragnarok. However, there is no denying that its fight scenes are just amazing. So, Have you recently watched this amazing anime?. And now Looking for more anime Record of Ragnarok? Then you are at the right place. Today we are going to see the top 10 anime like this which have amazing battle scenes.

However, fans are looking to satisfy their eyes and minds with another anime like Record Of Ragnarok. Don’t worry cause we got you covered. Today we are bringing you Top 10 Anime like Record Of Ragnarok that you can watch.

So without any delay let’s dive into the Top 10 list of Anime like Record Of Ragnarok. Have a good read, and don’t forget to check our other latest articles on the latest Anime & Manga developments.


Top 10 Anime like Record of Ragnarok:

Knights of the Zodiac:

Top 10 Anime like Record of Ragnarok

First on the list is this incredible anime called Knights of the Zodiac. This classic animation is based on Greek legends. The characters are presented in a multifaceted battle and conflict environment. It tells the story of a teenage orphan who must travel to Greece’s legendary Sanctuary in order to acquire Pegasus’ Bronze Armor. Many warriors have utilized it in the past. As a result, he awakens the Cosmos’ energy and becomes the Knight of Pegasus, posing a significant obstacle to his training. If you loved the action sequences in Record of Ragnarok, then this one is definitely for you.

Blood of Zeus:

Blood of Zeus is about a common man who finds some facts about his past life. It turns out that he is the son of Zeus. From there, the Journey starts leading to exciting missions and an important task of exterminating a demonic army. Blood of Zeus, like the Record of Ragnarok, contains a number of mythical references that will surely make you happy.


Top 10 Anime like Record of Ragnarok

Baki is another anime that is similar to Record of Ragnarok, with brutal and action-packed bouts. The series is based on Keisuke Itagaki’s eponymous manga and depicts the narrative of Baki, a young man who aspires to be a stronger fighter than his father. Dangerous opponents are placed in your way while you are practicing. And it’s all for the sake of winning his mother’s love, whom he despises because he thinks he’s weak. The protagonist’s determination follows him into all of his direct confrontations in this fashion.

Terra Formars:

Top 10 Anime like Record of Ragnarok

What about watching Humans go up against Mutated Cockroaches? After watching Humans vs. Gods in Record of Ragnarok. During the twenty-first century, humanity sought to colonize Mars by sending two species—algae and cockroaches—to terraform the planet’s hostile climate. They did not, however, anticipate the species’ amazing adaptability. A devastating disease known as the Alien Engine Virus has come on Earth in the 26th century, and the cure is thought to be found only on Mars. The problem is that today’s Mars is infested with “Terraformars,” immensely powerful and intelligent humanoid cockroaches that have mutated from those delivered to the planet originally.

Kengan Ashura:

Normally, commercial deals are conducted through meetings and contracts; but, in the world of Kengan Ashura, firms hire gladiators to make their decisions. Since the Edo Period, powerful gladiators have fought in large arenas to resolve the disputes of affluent businessmen and merchants. Kengan Ashura shows a world bursting with action, bloodshed, and martial arts. Ouma Tokita, dubbed “The Ashura,” is a fighter attempting to establish himself as the most powerful. Here you will get the same dose of action that you saw in Record of Ragnarok.

One-Punch Man:

With an intriguing plot, One Punch Man introduces you to Saitama, a bold hero capable of overcoming dozens of new monsters and villains with a single strike. Despite this, he considers his daily routine to be monotonous. As he progresses in his quest to become a hero, Saitama meets new people and seeks out good opponents. Fans of the Record of Ragnarok will undoubtedly enjoy this.

Vinland Saga:

Thorfinn grew up hearing tales of legendary sailors who had crossed the seas and arrived at Vinland, the mythical land. It’s claimed to be pleasant and fertile, a place where fighting isn’t necessary—a far cry from the frigid village in Iceland where he was born, and certainly not his current existence as a mercenary. Now he lives in a war zone. With each passing year, the struggle between England and the Danes worsens. Death has become normal, and the Viking mercenaries are relishing it. If Vikings and Norse mythology are your things and you want stunning animated action scenes just like the Record of Ragnarok? Vinland Saga is perfect for you.

Dragon Ball Super:

This latest installment of Dragon Ball will remind you of the battles from the Record of Ragnarok. It brings you the story of Goku and his friends that battle foes from space and other universes. Anyone who enjoys massive fights and anime featuring tournaments should watch at least one episode of Dragon Ball, which captivates viewers with its rich and layered storyline.

Fate/ Holy Grail Wars:

The events of the Fourth Holy Grail War in Fuyuki City are the main focus of Fate/Zero. The Holy Grail War is a centuries-old competition in which seven mages summon seven Heroic Spirits to vie for the power of the “Holy Grail,” which gives a wish to each member of the winning couple. Einzbern, Matou, and Tohsaka families are the founders. The Fourth War begins after three inconclusive wars over the elusive Holy Grail. This should definitely be on your watch list after seeing Record of Ragnarok.

The God of High School:

Top 10 Anime like Record of Ragnarok

And now for the top spot on the Top 10 Anime like Record of Ragnarok. It’s none other than The God of High School. A manhwa adaptation. It all started with a fighting tournament to choose the best fighter among all Korean high school pupils. Mori Jin, a Taekwondo expert and high school student, soon discovers that there is something far bigger lurking beneath the tournament’s stage. If you enjoyed the tournament scenario in Record of Ragnarok, this should be on your must-see list.

That is all from the Top 10 Anime like Record of Ragnarok. Hope you liked it. you can catch all these amazing anime on either Crunchyroll or Funimation.