Anime and manga are, without a doubt, Japan’s most popular cultural exports. The anime industry is vast, yet it would not happen if it weren’t for the manga industry. Manga narratives are typically published in black and white ink weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly in periodicals for the uninitiated. This is done to keep prices down and relieve the creative burden on mangaka artists. So we are going to see Top 10 Manga to read and have fun.

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Top 10 Manga To Read:


This manga contains three volumes and is well-liked not only by Japanese but also by worldwide admirers. Uzumaki, which means spirals in Japanese, is the theme of the horror manga. The main character Kirie Goshima and her boyfriend Shuichi Saito endure unusual supernatural happenings in the mythical cursed village of Kurouzu-Cho.

Made In Abyss:

This is a manga series about a pit in the earth, with a far more interesting idea than it sounds. The Abyss is a massive hole on the Earth’s surface, and no one survives traveling too far inside. A young girl named Riko meets a robot named Regu in the town of Orth, which is located near the Abyss. She is convinced that her mother is alive at the bottom of the Abyss, so she sets out to find her.


This historical thriller has it all: suspense, drama, action, a plethora of brilliantly rendered battle scenes, and even emotional conflicts. Vagabond recounts the life of Musashi Miyamoto, a Japanese adolescent whose ambition shifts from becoming Japan’s most famous swordsman to recognizing the necessity of choosing one’s conflicts and the value of friendships formed with others. Keep in mind that this manga may not be to everyone’s liking. This Manga has a lot of blood and gore, all of which is in great detail.


Guts, our seinen lead, is a perfect young child who is deceived by his sensei, whom he adored and admired. He now has a hunger for blood, and things are becoming increasingly difficult for him as a result of his frequent tragedy. His immense strength and resilience, on the other hand, are what keep him afloat. This manga is well worth reading.

Solo Leveling:

This is not a manga but still wouldn’t be complete without this one. It’s Solo Leveling, Korean manhwa. This manhwa is a great choice for fans of “zero to hero” stories, in which a weak protagonist gains power with each objective he completes. The characters are straightforward, with clear aims and motivations, and they are easily sympathetic. Art is the one aspect of this manhwa that stands out. Its art is astonishingly beautiful, and it entices readers right away.


Everything about the manga Monster can be summed up in one word: “brilliant.” The plot centers around Dr. Kenzou Tenma’s moral and ethical difficulties, as he decides to preserve the life of a kid above the mayors. However, others in his immediate vicinity begin to be murdered, and all fingers lead to the young lad. The manga’s narrative is highly reliant on its characters, their interactions, and their monologues. Although the art is subpar at best, the film’s engaging tale, plot twists, and strong thrills more than makeup for it.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Top 10 Manga To Read

It’s nearly difficult to be unaware of the Fullmetal Manga’s existence. The first anime was a hit, and the revival was even better. Their enormous popularity continues to attract a growing number of admirers to their comics. The adventure of two alchemist brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, in search of the Philosopher’s Stone follows in this manga. They want this miraculous stone to grant them their deepest wish: the resurrection of their dead mother.

Tokyo Ghoul:

Top 10 Manga To Read

This popular dark fantasy manga is on Weekly Young Jump. Tokyo Ghoul: re is a sequel to it. The location is Tokyo, where Ghouls, or supernatural beings, coexist with humans. They have the appearance of a normal human, yet they eat human flesh. Its anime adaptation is liked by fans around the world but many prefer manga over anime.

One Piece:

Top 10 Manga To Read

One Piece does not require an introduction. Because it follows a pretty simple plot line – Monkey D. Luffy is on a journey to uncover the One Piece, a magnificent treasure buried inside the ocean Grand Line – it has become the favorite childhood anime of millions of children across the world. One of the best manga series I’ve ever read.

Attack on Titan:

Top 10 Manga To Read

And now time for the Top spot, in the top 10 Manga to read. This dark fantasy manga already has an anime with 4 seasons and a possible movie after its great success. The manga focuses on titans who push humanity to the brink of extinction. The primary protagonists Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, together with the other members of the Survey Corps, fight the titans while investigating why they exist.

That is all from the Top 10 Manga to Read. Hope you liked it. you can catch all these amazing Mangas on either Viz or MangaPlus.