Tower of God is a South Korean manhwa published as a webtoon. Illustrated by S.I.U. Since June 2010, it’s been serialized on Naver Webtoon, the company’s webtoon platform. Tower of God Chapter 521 will be coming out later this week. In Tower of God Chapter 521 hints at Ha Satcha believing that Ha Cheonhee will ruin her future. But it all can change if she gives up.

This article will give a recap of Tower of God Chapter 520 and the release date, and where to watch the latest chapter. So if you haven’t read the latest chapters, this article may have some spoilers for you.

So let’s dive into the details of this battle.


Tower of God Chapter 521:

Release Date:

Tower of God Chapter 521 is released on 12 December 2024. Previously, Ha-Cheonhee declares that she will never let anyone down. They exchange a few words about their families. Let’s see what’s next in this battle.

Where to Read/Watch:

Here is the official website where you can read the Tower of God Chapter 521: Webtoons.

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Tower of God Chapter 521 Spoilers: 

Since there is still one week lest before Tower of God manhwa comes out. Usually, the Raw Scans and spoilers come prior to 2-3 days before the release. All we can do now is speculate based on the previous chapter.  the faceoff between ha satcha and ha cheonhee begins. With only two turns remaining, the game is ready to come to an end.

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Tower of God Chapter 520 Recap:

Ha Cheonhee’s eyesight begins to deteriorate, and she feels as if someone is draining her abilities. She wonders what magic she used on her when Ha-Satcha asks whether she feels like sleeping. Ha Satcha shows her new abilities, which she employs against her. As the conflict progresses, Ha-Cheonhee recognizes she is becoming weaker. Ha Cheonhee is concerned about Commander Kallavan after Ha-Satcha describes what is happening to her.

She commented about how she had always despised the Ha family heritage. Ha-Satcha also discusses her youth and the games she played as a kid. She is awestruck by her opponent’s strength. Ha-Satcha explains how she came to join Zahard’s army. She had a meeting with Yasratcha that day, and they discussed things. Yasratcha encouraged Ha Satcha to relax because it’s her first day, and she wonders if there is an assignment she needs to handle.

The Tower of God Chapter 520 ends when Soldiers receive orders to transport Ha-Cheonhee. Her father stepped up too, pleading them to spare his daughter. Ha-Cheonhee learned not to deceive those who cared for her and trusted her.

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