Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is slowly getting more interesting week after week, gaining more fans. Boruto Episode 228 is coming out this week. In the previous chapter, ” Team Seven’s Last Mission” Sarada replaces Konahamaru as the captain of team seven. Further, this week’s episode will shift its focus on Kawaki.

So let’s go and see when Boruto Chapter 228 is releasing and where you can watch it, also a quick recap in case you missed or needs to jog your memory through the events of Boruto Chapter 227.


Boruto Episode 228:

Release Date:

Boruto Episode 228 ” Kawaki’s Path to Becoming a Ninja” is releasing on 12th December 2024. the episodes are released every week, unless there are any changes, we will look out for these changes and inform our audience, so they don’t miss out on new episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.


Naruto previously offered Kawaki to become a Konoha shinobi but he turned down by saying he will think. But later seeing Sarada and chocho going against each other in exam battle. Kawaki is set on becoming a genin.

Where To Read/Watch:

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Shikamaru and Naruto provide Kawaki with a special test to see if he has what it takes to be a genin. here is a sneak peek of the upcoming episode:

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Boruto Episode 228: Spoilers

The focus of the Boruto episode 228 will be on Kawaki and his quest to become a shinobi. Despite his incapacity to manage chakra, Kawaki is not a ninja. He was a high-potential shinobi because of his significant fighting experience.

Kawaki has only used the basic fireball technique in his first attempt thus far. He can also use the shadow clone technique, which he previously employed to deceive Ishiki Otsutsuki.

Nonetheless, Boruto episode 228 will be fascinating to see because it marks the start of a journey from someone who is unable to use chakra to a shinobi with exceptional powers. Kawai will participate in a number of D-Rank missions.

Boruto Episode 227: Recap

Sarada is ecstatic to be the new Chunin. Sakura decided to give Sarada a party. Sakura reminded that the Chunin ritual begins in three days. Sarada is delighted to be Team 7’s captain.Team 7

Mirai returns wounded from the mission Konohamaru assigned her. the mission was supposed to be straightforward, but it turned out to be complicated. Team 7 is deployed as a backup.

As Boruto episode 228 is the start of something new, it’s also the end of something i.e. Team 7. With the help of his squad, Konohamaru stops Hyogo from fleeing. He is proud of the fact, that his students have progressed so much. Naruto declares Sarada, Houki, Denki, and Wasabi as Chunin. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 227, marks the end of Team 7. They take a photo together to remember their time together.

Boruto Naruto Next Generations

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