Was Jiraiya Aware About Sasuke

Was Jiraiya aware about Sasuke? This question has been bugging all the Narutoverse fans ever since the Boruto time travel arc happened. If you are not familiar with Boruto, you might not have an idea of what we are talking about. Let us dive a bit deeper into the question now.

The Boruto time travel arc was a moment of nostalgia for all the OG Naruto fans. It was a beautifully written arc that helped Boruto understand a bit more about his father and his past. It was a nice bonding moment between the two. Boruto understood a bit more about the difficulties faced by Naruto and sympathized more with him.

Was Jiraiya Aware About Sasuke

Sasuke and Boruto time travelled to Naruto’s childhood and they met the only and one fan-favourite Jiraiya- sensei. But, the best part is Jiraiya might have realised it was Sasuke from the future. How? Well, the an is no less than a genius.

So, was Jiraiya aware about Sasuke? Did he know Boruto was Naruto’s son? Let us have a look at the details now.


Was Jiraiya Aware About Sasuke?

That mission saw Boruto and Sasuke have to team up with Young Naruto and Jiraiya, to battle the threat of Urashiki Otsutsuki. During those multiple battles, Boruto and Sasuke were forced to reveal more and more hints about their true origins – and Jiraiya was seemingly starting to connect all the dots.

In the end, the biggest question we left with is- Was Jiraiya Aware About Sasuke and Boruto? Jiraiya had not once left them alone throughout the arc. He helped them with everything he could. It was a nice moment where we got to see Boruto learning more about the pervy sage- a dream for almost all OG fans.

In the end, the most surprising part happens to be Jiraiya asking Sasuke to remove all his memories. Why would the Pervy Sage make such a strange request? Did he know it all from the beginning? Did he not want to mess with the timeline?

Was Jiraiya Aware About Sasuke

Concerned Episodes

In the Boruto Time travel arc, exciting adventures happen. Time travel or officially known as Time Slip Arc was a special project for Kishimoto’s 20th anniversary. This arc holds a special place in the hearts of Naruto fans. After One Tail Escort Arc, the Time Slip arc was a success. It is followed by the Mujina Bandits Arc.

If you have already seen the arc, and this post is making you nostalgic- we have the episode numbers too. From Boruto Episode 128 to 136, the Time Slip Arc takes place.

Was Jiraiya Aware About Sasuke: Our View

Was Jiraiya Aware About Sasuke? We think it was certainly possible. After all, he will understand all the techniques that Sasuke uses in battle. Even if his fighting styles have improved a lot with time, his Sharingan gave him away definitely.

It became more evident that the Pervy Sage was sure about these two when he asked Sasuke to erase his memories. Many of us shed a tear or two during these heartfelt moments.

Was Jiraiya Aware About Sasuke

Where can you watch Boruto?

Did this post make you nostalgic? Want to know where you can rewatch the series again- don’t worry, we have got your back. Even if you are new to anime, and just want to binge-watch the anime classics, we are happy to welcome you to the team.

Crunchyroll streams all the episodes for free. You can watch all of the Boruto series right here.

This is all we have on the topic right now. What do you think? Was Jiraiya aware about Sasuke? Let us know your opinion. You might want to read more about Naruto right here.

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