Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is slowly getting more interesting week after week, gaining more fans. Boruto Episode 229 is coming out this week. In the previous chapter,” Kawaki’s Path to Becoming a Ninja” Kawaki is sent on a D-rank mission to assess if he is capable of becoming a shinobi.


So let’s go and see when Boruto Chapter 229 is releasing and where you can watch it, also a quick recap in case you missed or needs to jog your memory through the events of Boruto Chapter 228.


Boruto Episode 229:

Release Date:

Boruto Episode 229 ” Breach of Orders” is releasing on 19th December 2023. the episodes are released every week, unless there are any changes, we will look out for these changes and inform our audience, so they don’t miss out on new episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generation.

Previously Naruto informs Kawaki that the mission will be his final test to qualify for becoming a genin. and he will go on this mission with team 5.

Where To Read/Watch:

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here is a sneak peek of the upcoming episode:

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Boruto Episode 229: Spoilers

The focus of the Boruto episode 228 will be on Kawaki and his quest to become a shinobi. Despite his incapacity to manage chakra, Kawaki is not a ninja. He was a high-potential shinobi because of his significant fighting experience.

Kawaki has only used the basic fireball technique in his first attempt thus far. He can also use the shadow clone technique, which he previously employed to deceive Ishiki Otsutsuki.

Nonetheless, Boruto Episode 229 will be fascinating to see because it marks the start of a journey from someone who is unable to use chakra to a shinobi with exceptional powers. Kawai will participate in a number of D-Rank missions.

Boruto Episode 228: Recap

Naruto’s biggest concern for Kawaki is making friends. The episode starts with some fun moments between Boruto and Himawari. They play stone paper scissors to decide who will wake Kawaki up.

Kawaki is summoned to Hokage’s office. Naruto informs him that he wants Kawaki to work with other teams also apart from Boruto and team 7. He asks him to just try being a shinobi and that it’s fun. Kawaki’s casual attitude concerns Shikamaru. Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

Later Team 5 carries on a mission in which Kawaki messes up and sleeps during the span of the mission. Kawaki asks others to stop playing being friends with him. He works with another team and messes up again.

Naruto gives him a C-rank mission this time and his final chance to become a genin. Kawaki had a small talk with Sarada and trains the whole night. Because of that he reaches ate for the mission. They start their journey. will have to wait for Boruto episode 229 to see will they be successful.

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