Naruto And Hinata First Kiss

The Naruto and Hinata fanbase is quite strong, and that leads us to make an entire article about the Naruto And Hinata First Kiss. Two of the strongest shinobis of all time- they had quite a romantic story that weebs cannot get enough of.

But, there is quite a complaint around the world that Kishimoto did not spend much time on the details of their relationship. And, that is where we want to prove you all wrong. Even though Naruto took a while to realize and act on his feelings- they have been there for Hinata.

This post contains all the dating details of Naruto and Hinata- from their first kiss, date to marriage. Come on, let us dive deeper into the history of their relationship.


Naruto And Hinata First Kiss: The Very Beginning

Hinata’s love for Naruto is nothing new. It is shown from the beginning of the series, that she always had a weak point for him. She has always been the one to silently pray for his success. But, she was rather shy and made no advance whatsoever. It took a while for Naruto- almost the entire series to realise how much he means to Hinata.

Naruto And Hinata First Kiss

It had been a point at a very early stage of their lives when Hinata got lost one winter night, and she was crying. Naruto was the one who told her not to cry and always be strong. He was the one who led her home. This was the beginning of it all. From this point, Hinata grew to admire Naruto and secretly love him from far.

Naruto And Hinata First Kiss: When Did It Happen?

The first kiss in the 2014’s The Last: Naruto the Movie. Fans likely cheered (or at least pumped their fists in the air) when Hinata and Naruto finally kissed. The moment led to a wave of relief over an audience that waited patiently for that moment. The two characters end up floating in the stars above the moon as they share their first kiss. It’s a cinematic moment that made the payoff worth it.

Naruto And Hinata First Kiss: First Date

For their first date, Hinata asked Naruto to take her to the one place where he feels the happiest, and i.e the Ramen shop. They got to enjoy a hearty meal, and the date is one of the finest ones in the history of anime.

Naruto And Hinata Gets Married

If you think the series ended with them just going on dates and having a fluffy time- you are quite wrong. They get married in the end, and the episode turns out to be quite an emotional one. They even have two kids Boruto and Himawari whom we see in the series Boruto after a time skip of 15 years.

Naruto And Hinata First Kiss: Where Can You Watch It?

Naruto fans do not need to be told about the details of their favourite piece. We are sure most of you have already seen the entire series once or twice, and are just here to let the nostalgia hit you. But, for the new viewers- you can get the entire series at Crunchyroll.

This is all we have on our hands about the Naruto and Hinata Dating Details. Now, we hope we satisfied all the romance fans of this anime. The anime is best known for its plot and action-packed themes, but if you squint hard enough- the romance is not dead either.

We will be back with another one of our close observations of your favourite anime. Till then stay tuned on Omnitos. You might want to read about the Boku No Hero Academia Chapter 335.

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