Eren Nominated For Best Protagonist And Antagonist Of 2024

Eren Nominated For Best Protagonist And Antagonist Of 2024. We can understand your confusion. If you are someone who is yet to watch the fourth season or read the manga- we warn you that there might be a lot of spoilers here for you. Please read at your own risk.

People who have finished Attack on Titan manga- they know what exactly we are talking about. There are a lot of factors that make Eren both the antagonist as well as the protagonist. However, it is up to the voters who choose to view him as either one of those. Let us dive a bit into details then.


Eren Nominated For Best Protagonist And Antagonist Of 2024

We know those who have just started the anime might think Eren as the biggest protagonist of Attack on Titan. But, it won’t be what it seems like right now. Yes, Eren fights for humanity and defeats Titans till Season 3. He is seen as the best boy who would do anything for his friends. But, things do take a turn when he is told some horrible truth by his father.

At the end of season 3 the big realization occurs when Eren’s father reveals to him that the origin of the Titans is in fact humans themselves, and the titans are actually none other than the people of Paradis Island, which changes Eren forever. At the end of season 3, we see every titan beyond the wall dead, thanks to Eren and all the happy times of seeing the innocent Eren ends as well.

Crunchyroll’s Annual Anime Awards

Crunchyroll’s annual Anime Awards is now live, and it features the best shows, characters, songs, and voice actors in anime shows released from 2024 to 2024.

Among the nominees is Attack on Titan’s very own Eren Jaeger, who was included in both the Best Protagonist and Best Antagonist categories. His character became more ambiguous during Season 3 of the series.

Last year, Catarina Claes of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! won the Best Protagonist award while Ryomen Sukuna of Jujutsu Kaisen bagged the Best Antagonist title.

Eren Nominated For Best Protagonist And Antagonist Of 2024. How are you going to judge him? KIs he still the innocent little boy who would go to any lengths to take care of his friends? or, would you know better? Let us know everything down in the comment section. You might want to follow us for more anime and manga related content.

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