Seven Deadly Sins Getting Open World Game For PC And Mobile. Want to know how it works? We got the details for you.

You might have heard about the great impact Genshin Impact had on the world. This is something similar. If you are an avid fan, you might have also played the game that was released before this one- Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Let us get into more details for now.

Seven Deadly Sins Getting Open World Game For PC And Mobile

Seven Deadly Sins Getting Open World Game For PC And Mobile

The Seven Deadly Sins anime property will be getting an open-world action game for release across console, PC, and mobile devices. A new game based on The Seven Deadly Sins has been revealed by Korean game studio Netmarble. They are also the developers of the aforementioned Grand Cross.

They have stated the following about the game till now:

“Following the success of ‘Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’, ‘Seven Deadly Sins Origin’, which is being prepared as a sequel, offers a multiverse original story and an open world with a high degree of freedom. This game contains a new protagonist and the adventures of various characters appearing in the Seven Deadly Sins and Apocalypse, and can be enjoyed on multiple platforms, including mobile, PC, and console.”

The trailer features playable versions of Meliodas, Merlin, Diane, and Elizabeth. Much like other open-world games like Genshin Impact or Breath of the Wild, this one should have the same aesthetic background as well. Netmarble is describing this game to have an original story that continues to expand the multiverse of the franchise.

If you are a fan of the anime and manga, you can give a shot at playing this game. Who knows? This might become one of your favourite passtimes.

This is all we have on the latest developments. Will you be playing the game? let us know everything down in the comments.

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