Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 278

Hello, everyone, we have some news for the Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 278 which got delayed for 2 weeks, now Release Date is 20th August 2018. After an interesting Chapter 277, Mael is Unstoppable. Neither Light nor Darkness can defeat him. This chapter brought back the already dead Commandment Monspiet and Deriere’s Elder sister and their journey in the Purgotary. Subscribe to our Reddit Community for latest updates.

On the other hand Gowther, after seeing his friends in so much pain and agony, steps up even though with all those injuries. He is ready to fight for his Friends and for those who he loves.

But as Mentioned in the Last Chapter, Only a Fairy, Human or a Giant can beat Mael. Which usually means there are only 3 characters left who can face Mael now. Diane, Ban and ESCANOR. This is where it gets interesting, are we going to see a fierce battle between MAEL AND ESCANOR??!!!

It is pretty obivious that Escanor might be out of his league after Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 277, but can Meliodas stand head to head with him now? Or are we going to see Meliodas and Escanor Teaming up to fight against Mael.

The next chapter is going to be a nail-biting one. The Death of Deriere can trigger Goddess Elizabeth and she can come into the battle to face the Angel of Despair ‘Mael’.

The Four Archangel’s Sariel and Tarmiel are gone now. It seems there is absolutely NO HOPE left for 7 deadly sins now. Unless Escanor Decides to Show up.

While Mael is Probably reaching Divinity. Taking in the 4th Commandment even though it is not being compatible with his body. The large Bright cocoon is forming and his Power is increasing Rapidly.

In the Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 278 (Potential Spoilers)

We can expect to see Gowther Vs. Mael

Gowther using every last ounce of his energy left to fight with the Angel of Despair. Physically he can’t match up with this Form of Mael but Magically he can do some damage to him.

Let’s hope Meliodas or Escanor comes into his Rescue before it gets Impossible for Gowther to take any more Damage from the hands of the Angel of Despair “Mael”.

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