Apex Legends season 11 is finally here. And if the rumors are true Respawn Entertainment is about to bring Next-Gen Updates for PS5 & Xbox Series X. Many developers have seen new consoles as an opportunity to update their games. While also taking advantage of the astonishing performance of the next hardware generation.

Respawn Entertainment in Apex Legends season 11 i.e. November Update is a big one for gamers. They have included Titanfall Simulacrum Pilot Ash, a new map, and much more that we are going to discuss in this article. So read till the end. Let’s see what is the new leaks that everyone is talking about and what can players expect from them.

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Apex Legends: New Leaks

PS5 & Xbox Series X:

Back in November 2020 both the giants Microsoft and Sony launched their Next-Gen Console hardware in the form of Xbox Series X & PS5 respectively. And we know for a fact that the Developers like Respawn Entertainment may see these Next-Gen Consoles as an opportunity. To provide its users a better and more powerful gaming experience, using the full capacity of these consoles.

A new leak hints towards an update for the Xbox Series X & PS5 consoles. According to these leaks, these updates may come very soon bringing joy for Apex Legends Comunity. 

These certain files indicate an update for the Next-Gen console players of Apex Legends. But as far as we know, no official announcement has been made regarding these updates coming for Xbox Series X & PS5. if these leaks are true then Apex Legends players may finally be able to benefit from the strength of new hardware, including Ray Tracing, Adaptive Triggers, 3D Audio, 120 FPS. And a host of other features made available by the Xbox Series X & PS5.

Apex Legends: Current Features

Players with a next-gen console can currently play the last-gen versions of the game in 1440p with slight frame rate increases and stability. Of course, players with next-generation consoles may enjoy the same cross-play capabilities as previous generations, allowing them to play across all platforms. Apart from this Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X include 4K gaming hardware with 120Hz video output.

What to Expect:

Optimizing Apex Legends for the PS5’s DualSense, which takes advantage of the haptic feedback, is something we may see in these updates. Furthermore, Apex Legends’ audio may be optimized for PlayStation’s 3D audio feature, which will dramatically improve the game’s sound, depth, and quality.

Apex Legends matches will be able to start smoothly. And players will be able to jump into matches practically instantly thanks to quick load times. The fact that contemporary hardware can nearly eliminate loading times is a rather basic facet of next-gen. But one that is nonetheless significant.

Apex Legends: Season 11 

A lot has changed with season 11 coming. New characters, maps, weapons, and more are included with this update. Here is the list of changes players will notice in season 11:

Apex Legends New Features for Xbox Series X & PS5

  • New Character Ash from titan fall, Is added to the game. Her Simulacrum body has been reassembled and she can track enemies down.
  • A new Map, Storm Point which was first seen in the launch trailer, with bright beaches and plenty of creatures putting an end to Mirage’s vacation. There are a lot of deadly creatures on the new map.
  • Apex Legends Season 11 finally brings C.A.R. SMG a popular Titanfall weapon. The C.A.R. is a versatile weapon that is an excellent choice “when you’re ready to take a stand and become the last Legend left standing.”

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