Boredom can strike at any moment, and in this technological era, it often pushes you towards the mind-numbing screens of your mobile and television. Not only do these screens affect your eyesight, they can make you feel lethargic and sluggish.

Therefore, quizzes for mental agility are your best bet if you want a better, more productive option to kill your time. The board game trivia will ward off monotony in a fun and engaging way, leaving you sharper than before.

Moreover, these brain-teasing challenges enhance your cognitive skills, help relieve stress, allow you to learn new things, and interact socially, becoming an all-round experience.

Mental agility quizzes improve reflective thinking, logical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, planning, and more.

Following are the best quizzes for beating boredom and increasing your mental agility:


1. Trivia Quizzes


These quizzes test your knowledge of different topics such as geography, culture, sports, and history. Along with this, trivia quizzes can help expand your knowledge in different sectors and keep your brain sharp.

One of the most popular trivia games is the Trivial Pursuit, which combines memory and knowledge testing. It has over 2000 trivia questions from six categories: nature, history, art and literature, geography, entertainment, and leisure.

The trivial pursuit has many versions with intriguing questions that can help improve memory retention and cognitive function.

2. Brain Teasers


Brain teasers test your problem-solving skills using logic puzzles, riddles, and mathematical problems. For this, you can play Ticket to Ride, which entails different missions and objectives to connect railway routes.

This game requires a strategic approach, which can help keep your brain sharp. Moreover, since it is played with a group, it is one of the best board games to eat away boredom.

3. Language Quizzes

Designed to help test and enhance your grammar, language, and vocabulary skills, these can be presented as quizzes or games to help you learn without boredom.

The top language game has to be Scrabble, where contenders play with random letter tiles and create words on the board. This helps improve critical thinking, focus, and task recognition.

4. Visual Quizzes


Visual quizzes test your observation skills, analysis power, and attention span, increasing visual memory. There are various visual quizzes that you can take on your mobile.

Some of the best applications for taking visual quizzes are happy neuron, braingle, elevate, and lumosity. You may need to pay a subscription fee. However, these applications allow you to track progress and personalize the training.

You can also take different quizzes on the internet. One of the most popular quizzes for mental agility is the McQuaig Mental Agility Test, which is 15 minutes long and contains 50 questions that measure your speed of thought and cognitive ability.


Taking quizzes that also help improve your mental agility is one of the best ways to beat boredom. They offer a unique amalgamation of learning, entertainment, and cognitive enhancement.

You can solve puzzles, answer questions, or even take personality tests to help relieve your stress and engage socially. Such quizzes are one of the best ways to expand your knowledge while killing time casually.