Boruto Returns With New Opening

Boruto Returns With New Opening on 9th January. And, when the fans got to know what the opening was- they could not hold their joy. Boruto has been successful in turning a lot of the OG fans to the new series.

The fans are excited to see more of Naruto and Sasuke and to relive their childhood nostalgia through Boruto. The Baryon Mode disclosed in the recent episodes was almost a silver lining. Let’s see what the new opening brings us.


Boruto Returns With New Opening

A leak from this week’s Weekly Shonen Jump announces the change in the opening and ending themes of the show. And, the best part is that these composers are no strangers to the series. They might have even composed a theme or two for Naruto as well. How excited are you?

The Rock Band Flow has been given the responsibility of creating the closing theme while singer/songwriter Anly is creating the closing theme. Both Flow and Anly have worked with the series before. Also, Flow has worked on the opening and closing themes of Naruto before.

Flow And Anly Works on Naruto Before

The opening and ending themes Naruto and Boruto fans would best know Flow for are Naruto openings four and eight, and Naruto Shippuden opening six and ending 34. Fans will recognize Naruto Shippuden’s opening six as the heartbreaking post-Jiraiya death theme, opening with a montage of Jiraiya and Naruto through the years.

Naruto and Boruto fans may also recognize Anly’s work from opening 20 as being Naruto Shippuden’s final opening. This opening served as a great intro for the series’ wrapup, as it shows every character’s journey up to this point.

Getting new artists back in the Boruto series might be truly exciting. Boruto Returns With New Opening on 9th January. Stay tuned for more details on that. You might want to read:  6 Best Anime of 2024.

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