Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

While watching a shounen anime, we are always fascinated by the strength of the characters. So, we made up an exclusive Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto for you. Ever wondered what the top 10 characters of an anime where everyone is stronger gonna look like? Think no more for we have curated the perfect list. Come on.

We spent all of our childhood curating the top 10 characters of Naruto. And, now it is time for us to analyze who is the strongest in the next generation.


Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

Every shounen anime has some of the strongest characters on its sleeves. And, Boruto is no exception. Especially it comes from the heritage of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden- we have a lot of expectations. Naruto is one of the big three has some really strong characters to boast about. We saw the rise and fall of many such characters. Now, it is time for us to analyze that list of Boruto.

But, before we start- make up your own list in your mind. Who goes in your top 10? Let us know after you are done reading ours.

10. Code

Some might even say that Code is running as the strongest in the anime right now. But, we cannot say that for sure, so we are putting him at the very beginning of our list of Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto for now.

It is said that he can even get stronger than Jigen if he was given the proper training. We should also consider the fact that he had to put limiters on his body to keep a track of his strength. We have concluded that he is yet to reach the level of the pros and therefore stands tenth on our list for the moment.

9. Isshiki

The strong partner of Kaguya- Isshiki has to be on the list of Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto. His strength is immense. There is no bound to his immense abilities. He can even shrink himself and has some other impressive powers as well. Naruto had to go way beyond his abilities to be able to defeat this guy.

Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

8. Kashin Koji

We have another member from the same organization as that of Delta- Kashin Koji. This character was one of the most formidable ones in Boruto, He did show a lot of agility and strength.

Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

He even fought Jigen though Jigen was weak by then, the fight he showed was quite appreciated.

7. Jigen

Jigen was just a simple monk. But, that simple monk became one of the very powerful characters here on Boruto. He also happened to be the vessel for Isshiki in the very beginning.

Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

Even if he was not that- it would still be an impossible feat to defeat him for either Naruto or Sasuke alone. But, they did it together.

6. Momoshiki

We cannot forget the first Otsutsuki we saw in Boruto. And, that he deserves a place in the list of Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto is inevitable. We have seen how much of a tough fight it was. Not just Naruto and Sasuke- they even had to take the help of Boruto to finally bring him down.

Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

5. Naruto

We all knew this name was coming, didn’t we? The list of Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto is incomplete without putting Naruto. After all, who can beat him? He is god-level, and yes he does go through several traumatic incidents in Boruto. But, what we know till now- he is the strongest in the Uzumaki family. Boruto has a lot to catch up on as of yet.

But, the sad part is there are other opponents who might be stronger than naruto in this series. After all, later on- he does lose Kurama. Let us unfold the others.

Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

4. Sasuke

We are down to the list of the top 5. And, we all knew this name was evident. Sasuke of the Uchiha clan is one of the strongest ninjas to ever walk on this earth. It can be said that Sarada will one day be stronger, but she still has a lot to learn. He even trained Boruto to some extent. As of now- Sasuke holds the strongest place in the Uchiha family.

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3. Ada

Ada is one of the newest members to be added to the list of the Boruto cast, and her immense powers bring her here today to the list of Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto. It is said that Ada was bestowed with the gift of incredible charm.

Yes, she is charming and can make anyone attracted to her. It is just a pinch of her immense power. She can even defeat Jigen. But, that is a theory, but whatever little we get from here- it is evident that the theory is true indeed.

Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

Some of her other powers include seeing into the past. Yes, it is believed that she can look right into it till the date of her birth. She is an antagonist with powerful abilities, and even Jigen wanted to destroy her for she could easily defeat him if she wanted.

2. Kawaki

Kawaki was actually born and raised to be an antagonist. But, after a certain turn of events- he turns out to be the hero, and goes out to save Konoha during the day with Boruto and the others, and spend his days in the Uzumaki household.

However, he has a past. He was actually raised to be a vessel for Isshiki. But, things don’t go that way for him saved by Naruto. Initially, he is a bratty boy who is always disrespectful. This is perhaps for the abuse he has endured throughout his life before coming here. The fact that he is extremely strong and will grow up to be one of the strongest in the series is evident from the way he fights and attacks.

Bonus Character:

1. Boruto

Boruto should technically hold first place on our list of Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto. Essentially he hails from one of the top shinobi families in the series. Seriously- the son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuuga is not a joke.

We can often see how Boruto happens to be the copycat of how Naruto was when he was younger, and the similarities are eery. He already looks like a young Naruto, and even his abilities are almost the same. But, one thing we know for certain is that Boruto happens to be a more skillful genin than his father.

Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto

But, jokes apart- he will grow up to be the strongest and this we know for certain as the story starts with him being the only one standing. Let us just enjoy the journey for now.

This is all we have about the Top 10 Strongest Characters Of Boruto. What does your list look like? let us know in the comment section. Also, follow us for more anime and manga-related content. Want to start the manga? Get from the first chapter right here.

Who do you feel ranks in the top 10 of the list? Comment who has your heart. Can adult Boruto acquire the power to beat even his father? Will the legacy of Naruto and Sasuke ever really die? Let us know.

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