Every Boruto fan has been wondering Why Borushiki is the strongest Character?. 

Team 7 was practically being crushed by the overpowering strength of a raging Boro. But there was a major reveal for all the fans at the end of that episode. This reveal is what we are going to discuss today. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the manifestation of Momoshiki. After Momoshiki takes over Boruto’s body. Known as “Borushiki”, has become way too powerful. And today we are going to see Why Borushiki is the strongest Character? In the show.

So without any delay let’s get into it. But before that, I have to warn you. This article will have heavy spoilers from the anime and as well as manga so keep that in mind.

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Who is Momoshiki?

Before we go on and talk about Why Borushiki is the strongest Character?. We first know who Momoshiki is. So here’s a summary.

Momoshiki Otsutsuki was a part of the Otsutsuki clan’s core family. And comes to find out where Kaguya and her God Tree were. While seeking to grow a new one from the Seventh Hokage’s chakra. Momoshiki placed the Kama on Boruto Uzumaki when he was being killed by him. As a result, his spirit was able to survive through the mark.

When Momoshiki manifest’s in Boturo’s body he is just way too strong. Boro is brutally thrashed, Naruto’s chakra is drained. And Team 7 is saved from certain death by Borushiki. This marks the return of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, the godlike villain as Borushiki. Previously taken down by Boruto, Naruto, and Sasuke.

Why Borushiki is the strongest Character?

This brings us to our next section. Why Borushiki is the strongest Character? So let’s see.

Boruto’s karma has clearly progressed at a rapid pace. Boruto lost his body to Momoshiki’s power, unlike Kawaki, who only grew Otsutsuki horns. We don’t know the full scope of his strength in this incarnation. We do know, though, that he is far more powerful than Team 7 as a whole.

Boruto, Sarada, Mitsuki, and Kawaki gave it all in their battle against Boro. But he was only barely injured. Boro effortlessly one-shotted all of the ninjas once he started raging. Then, like a supporting character, Borushiki defeated Boro with ease. The Rasengan Momoshiki used was almost identical to the one Naruto and Boruto used to kill him. If Boruto has the same level of power as Momoshiki prior to his death. He is easily on par with Naruto and Sasuke in terms of battle.

Apart from Momoshiki’s power, speed, and reaction time. Borushiki has all the skills and knowledge of Boruto. Since boruto is also growing more powerful as the anime and manga continue. Also, Boruto has a pure eye. This eye could see beyond invisible barriers, perceive chakra flow, and have an impact on dimensional techniques. However, Boruto, like Momoshiki, has a Byakugan, when he becomes Borushiki.

Boruto has always been able to spontaneously display the Byakugan because he is a descendent of the Hyuga clan. Himawari, his sister, has used hers a few times in the anime. The sole remaining mystery is whether Boruto’s eye is because of Otsutsuki’s ocular talents. Or if the two eyes can manifest independently.

So at the time being it seems that Borushiki will go on to become the strongest Character. This can also be true as Kakashi once stated that the new generation will always surpass the old one. And as Boruto goes stronger so will Borushiki.

Where to watch/Read Boruto?

Want to see Borushiki more in action? Boruto: Naruto’s next generations can be watched on a couple of official sources. Here’s the list of websites from where you can watch Boruto:

Crunchyroll (Anime)

Viz.com (Manga)

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