Chainsaw Man Anime & Manga

This year’s Jump Festa unveiled a great deal of information about a bunch of anime and manga series. One of them is the Chainsaw Man. Premiered in 2018 and has since grown in popularity, with eleven volumes of the manga so far. Get Excited Because Chainsaw Man Manga and Chainsaw Man Anime both are coming in 2024.

As Denji sought to fight a shocking last threat, the first half of Chainsaw Man ended on a dramatic series of events, with many characters biting the bullet. The second part of the gory novel is sure to see Denji and his pals in a completely different environment.

With Fujimoto, poised to further explore this dark world. Where devils make agreements with humanity on a regular basis. Leaves plenty of plotlines to be seen.

Are you excited about Chainsaw Man’s return? Of course, you are. Here is everything about the Chainsaw Man Anime & Manga that is revealed at Jump Festa 22.


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Chainsaw Man: Anime & Manga 

Part 2 of manga and anime will come out in Summer 2024, as stated at the Jump Festa 22′ event. But no particular release date has been announced.

Fujimoto shared some behind-the-scenes facts about the series’ development in a surprisingly honest interview. The acclaimed creator explained that he created Denji and Makima first. And that the characters of Himeno and Aki were siblings in his initial vision. He is likewise taken aback by the popularity of Yoshida’s character.

At the end of the interview, a brief clip includes scenes from the first part of the manga and a short animation is shown. Here is the clip:

You can read the first part of Chainsaw Man on VIZ and MangaPlus.


Chainsaw Man is from a universe where humans and devils live side by side. The series follows Denji, a hardworking but somewhat dim-witted young man who works for the yakuza to help pay off his debts. The yakuza betrays Denji and kills him. But he comes back to life after forming a contract with a cute chainsaw demon. Who can turn into a human-demon hybrid with chainsaws sprouting from his arms and head thanks to the pact. Denji resolves to use his newfound strength and second chance at life to pursue a career as a devil hunter.