My Hero Academia Chapter 339 will be out, after a week from now. English translation will be available for the readers, sometime later after the release. Boku No Hero Academia manga always manages to give readers some great action and character developments and, storyline. The upcoming chapters are just going to get better and better.

Stick around and we will give you a quick recap of  My Hero Academia Chapter 337, what’s to come next, and the release date and time for the English translation.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 339:

Things are going to get much more serious in Boku No Hero Academia. After the revelation of the traitor i.e. Aoyama.

Aoyama is still remorseful about serving All For One. Deku argues that Aoyama cannot be a villain because he was forced to make a mistake. “You can still become a Hero,” he says as he offers his hands to Aoyama.

My Hero Academia

More Spoilers will be coming soon as we get near the official release date and The release of Chapter 338. We will update this article once spoilers for Boku No Hero Academia come. In the meantime bookmark, this article to save

Release Date:

My Hero Academia chapter 339 will be released on 26th December 2024, in the Weekly Shonen Jump issue. Raw scans are set to release 2-3 days prior. Readers will have to wait a full week and then some more for English translations.

Though rough translations are made available when the chapter comes out, we will update as soon as they surface for you. For now, just scroll to the section on where to watch and recap.

Where to read/ Watch:

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Anime: Netflix

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My Hero Academia: Recap

Previously we saw that Aoyama Attacks Deku which Hagakure with her Quirk, deflects and stops the assaults. Hagakure asks Aoyama if he would have been delighted if other classmates had been killed, recalling his time with them while still at U.A High.

Aoyama’s parents cry, and they mention something to Deku and Hagakure, but they decide to take Aoyama away. Deku uses Quirk: Black Whip to hold them back and stop them. He told them that Hagakure is harmless and that they were free to leave.

Boku No Hero Academia

Aoyama and his family are trapped in a web of chairs subsequently in My Hero Academia. Nezu, All Might, Tsukauchi, U.A High students, and the other teachers are in front of them. They strive to figure out what’s going on and why Aoyoma is given the Quirk by All For One.

Things might have been considerably worse, according to Ojiro, if Hagakure had not learned anything. Aoyama is chastised by Kirishima, who asks that he tell the truth. Tsukauchi asks them to explain everything about All For One.

But Aoyama’s father denies talking. He says All for one will kill them if he talks. Deku reminds Aoyama that he is not a villain and that he helps others. Deku adds that he is crying because he doesn’t want to betray his friends.

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