Gambling has always been an enthralling and captivating theme that filmmakers and anime creators have explored. The high stakes, intense psychological battles, and dramatic narratives make for an exhilarating viewing experience. If you’re a fan of anime and enjoy the thrill of gambling, then you’re in for a treat. In this article, we present the top 9 gambling anime series that will keep you hooked from start to finish.


1. “Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor”

“Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor” follows the story of Kaiji Itou, a young man drowning in debt who finds himself drawn into dangerous gambling scenarios. The series explores the depths of human desperation and showcases Kaiji’s incredible wits and survival instincts. From underground casinos to high-stakes games on a luxury cruise ship, this series presents nail-biting moments as Kaiji faces off against unscrupulous opponents. With its intense atmosphere and intricate plot twists, “Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor” will keep you on the edge of your seat.

2. “Akagi: Yami ni Oritatta Tensai”

Set in the underworld of mahjong, “Akagi” focuses on the genius protagonist, Shigeru Akagi. With his audacious style and ability to read his opponents, Akagi takes on seasoned gamblers and becomes a legendary figure in the world of high-stakes gambling. The series offers a unique blend of suspense, psychological warfare, and strategic gameplay. Prepare to witness mind-boggling mahjong battles that will leave you awe-inspired.

3. “One Outs”

One Outs

Combining the worlds of baseball and gambling, “One Outs” presents an intense and strategic narrative. Protagonist Toua Tokuchi is a skilled pitcher who joins a weak baseball team and uses his gambling tactics to turn them into a winning force. The mind games and psychological battles in this series will keep you guessing till the very end. “One Outs” offers a fresh and exhilarating take on the gambling genre by incorporating it into the realm of sports.

4. “Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler”

In the prestigious Hyakkaou Private Academy, students’ social hierarchy is determined by their gambling skills. Enter Yumeko Jabami, a transfer student with a gambling addiction and a knack for uncovering her opponents’ tricks. “Kakegurui” delivers a thrilling mix of psychological warfare, stylish animation, and a unique art style. Witness the exhilarating matches as Yumeko challenges the academy’s top gamblers and disrupts the established order.

5. “Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku Hen”

A sequel to “Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor,” this series follows Kaiji as he faces new challenges and opponents while attempting to pay off his debts. With high-stakes gambles, life-or-death situations, and intricate mind games, “Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Hakairoku Hen” is a rollercoaster ride of suspense and tension. The series explores the darker aspects of the gambling world while keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats.

6. “Legendary Gambler Tetsuya”

Based on a manga by the creator of “Akagi,” “Legendary Gambler Tetsuya” transports us to the world of post-World War II Japan. Tetsuya uses his remarkable skills in mahjong to defeat opponents and survive in a society plagued by poverty and corruption. This series delves into the emotional struggles and triumphs of its characters, showcasing the transformative power of gambling.

7. “Rio: Rainbow Gate!”

“Rio: Rainbow Gate!” takes a more lighthearted approach to gambling anime. It revolves around Rio Rollins, a beautiful dealer known for bringing good luck to gamblers. The series combines gambling with elements of fantasy and comedy, offering a refreshing and visually vibrant experience. With its vibrant colors, comedic moments, and a touch of supernatural luck, this series stands out from the crowd.

8. “Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai”

A prequel to “Akagi,” this series delves into the past of the enigmatic protagonist, Shigeru Akagi. Witness his rise as a master gambler and the events that shaped his extraordinary skills. “Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai” delves deeper into Akagi’s backstory, unraveling the mysteries surrounding his genius and the darkness that lies within the gambling world.

9. “Mahjong Hishouden: Naki no Ryuu”

Set in the world of professional mahjong, “Mahjong Hishouden: Naki no Ryuu” explores the journey of Ryuuko Maki, a skilled female mahjong player. With stunning visuals and intense matches, this anime offers a unique perspective on the gambling genre. The series showcases Ryuuko’s growth as a player while delving into the intricate strategies and psychological battles that unfold at the mahjong table.

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These top 10 gambling anime series provide an adrenaline-filled experience that will keep you entertained and captivated. Whether you’re a fan of intense psychological battles, strategic mind games, or simply enjoy the thrill of high-stakes gambling, these anime series have something for everyone.

From the gripping narratives of “Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor” and “Akagi” to the light-hearted and visually vibrant “Rio: Rainbow Gate!,” each series offers a distinct take on the gambling genre. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be immersed in the fascinating and often perilous world of gambling through the lens of captivating anime storytelling.

Additionally, fans can experience playing anime-themed gambling casino games, inspired by their favorite anime shows. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the narratives and interact with characters from the best anime worlds, and maybe win some money!