With a lot of episodes, comprising of many arcs coupled with great character developments even if it is the little guy. Naruto has everything in its storyline. And of course not to mention the dark past of these characters. I’m sure you are going to love every aspect of this one. Do many new anime watchers wonder if it’s worth the time going through 700 episodes? I say go for it. And don’t worry I have a perfect guide for you. I.e How to watch Naruto Filler and Canon Episodes. So sit back and relax and get ready to binge-watch.

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How to watch Naruto Filler and Canon Episodes


How to watch Naruto: Filler and Canon Episodes

As you might know, these longer anime series have one problem with them. The filler episodes. A nightmare for many among the Otakus. So let me make it easier for you by explaining the anime. So the filler arcs are episodes that wander from the main narrative. In most cases, fail to provide any substantial character development or plot progression.

Surprisingly Naruto and Naruto Shippuden has around 40 to 50 % fillers episodes/ arcs. But I would suggest watching Naruto full. And you can skip the fillers of Shippuden. let’s see how to avoid these in order to enjoy the anime more. Without leaving major arcs.

Naruto: Fillers

Naruto follows the story of Naruto Uzumaki who is on the journey to become Hokage and get recognition. Having around 200 episodes to go through is a big task. And even bigger when half of these are filler episodes. So here’s something for you, Episodes 26, 97, 101-106, 136-140, 141-219, and 220 are pure filler episodes. you can skip these since they deviate from the manga.

Naruto: Canon

Now coming to the canon part of Naruto. Episodes 1-14, 19-21, 22-25, 30-100, 107-125, 131-135. These are all canon episodes. I.e was directly taken from the manga. Some of the non-canon episodes might be interesting to watch. But it depends on the viewers. so if you like to watch more of naruto, I say go for the whole series.

Naruto Shippuden: Fillers

After naruto, we have naruto Shippuden. it starts after a time skip when naruto goes to train with Jiraiya. In the previous installment. Shippuden also has a great number of fillers you can skip to have a more joyful experience watching.

Episodes 57-70:

If we talk about these episodes they mostly focus on the Land of Fire monastery. Where some of the members of Akatsuki demonstrate their strength. By eliminating some of the most strong monks in order to collect bounties on them. Additionally, these filler episodes dive onto the concept of possessing some tailed-beast chakra. Overall these episodes cab be skipped. But if you want to have more information on tailed beast chakra and jinchuriki’s, then you can watch some of these episodes.

Episodes 91-112:

These particular fillers revolve around Orochimaru. Mainly sheds some light on the story of his fallen empire. you can definitely skip these particular episodes. Since they have no impact on the main plot.

Episodes 144-151:

Naruto Shippuden Episodes 144 to 151 bring the viewers a formidable Jujutsu. One which can destroy villages at once. This forbidden jujutsu is within a young woman. And she is guarded by a shinobi. Unique jujutsu and the Six-Tails jinchuriki all appear in this arc. as usual this arc can be skipped as well. But a quite interesting one.

Episodes 176-196:

This filler arc is just after when Naruto and pain go toe to toe. A battle that levels Konoha village. So these episodes show villagers working to rebuild it. None of the episodes change anything or have anything to do with the plot. But maybe fun to watch.

Episode 284-295: 

These particular fillers are mostly flashbacks. But a few episodes have some connection to the story. These are Episodes 288 and 289.

Episode 394-413:

This long stretch of filler does nothing at all to move the plot or set anything else in motion. There’s no canon here, and skipping it won’t cost you anything. It’s about a chunin exam that happened between “Naruto” and “Naruto Shippuden” during the interval.

Episode 464-469:

And finally the last set of fillers. They have some information on the Otsutsuki clan. But  469 is the most important of all. in “Naruto Shippuden” Episode 469 It is, without a doubt, filler. Yes, simply to see the great copycat ninja’s face is reason enough to watch it.

How to watch Naruto Filler And Canon Episodes

Naruto Shippuden: Canon

Now coming to the canon part of Naruto Shippuden. Episodes 1-27, 29-56, 72-90, 113-143, 152-169, 172-175, 197-222, 243-256, 261-270, 272-278, 282-283, 296-302, 321-346, 362-375, 378-388, 391-393, 414-415, 417-421, 424-426, 451-463, 469-479, and 484-500. These are all canon episodes. I.e was directly taken from the manga. now let’s see if the non-canon episodes are worth watching or just skip them.

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Episodes 347-361 are fillers that are not from the manga. Since it’s not from manga they are non-canon episodes.

Episodes 347 and 348 go into greater detail on the Akatsuki’s formation, specifically the circumstances that turned the noble, peace-oriented Akatsuki led by Yahiko, Nagato, and Konan into the evil criminal Akatsuki we now know.

If you enjoy Kakashi as much as everyone else, Episodes 349 to 361 are some fantastic and entertaining installments about his Anbu years. This connects young Yamato and Itachi, and its chock-full of great scenes centered on young Kakashi. The sight of these young chunin fighting together is worth the price of admission.

Where to Watch Naruto?

Naruto can be watched on a couple of official sources. Here’s the list of websites from where you can watch naruto:




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