Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 finally reveals Mikey killing South. Everyone is stunned to see the scene, and most of them have lost their fighting spirit. Will Mikey only stop at that? Or, will his dark impulses make him go further ahead?

Tokyo Revengers might be one of the biggest hits of this decade. Everyone was already praising the manga when the anime adaptation took place. It became one of the most popular hits of 2024, and now the manga craze continues.

Mikey, the 26-year-old unemployed guy is set on a journey to save all of his childhood friends. Will he be able to save them all? Will he be able to save himself? The manga is already in its last arc, and the story took the most thrilling route.

In the last arc, when everyone seems to have given up on Mikey- Takemichi is the only person who says he cannot give up. He has come back from the future yet once again to d=save Mikey from the depths of his darkness.


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233: Release Date

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 has already been released on December 1, 2024. If you are yet to catch up with the manga, we recommend you not to read any further. The next part is all about the spoilers.

However, the manga has taken an extremely thrilling turn, and people want more of Mikey, and are willing to give it all for him.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233: Spoilers

Mikey kills South. While people are wondering that maybe South is badly hurt for which he is not moving- Mikey checks and confirms that South is dead. That shakes everyone. People have already given up, and most of them already declare Mikey to be the ruler of the Three Deities.

But, Mikey does not stop at that. his bloodthirst has gone so intense that he could nearly kill everyone present at the scene. Even Senju could realise how deep his lust was running, and felt scared for Takemichi.

The chapter shows Mikey punching Takemichi, and will surely kill him if he continues. The bigger question lies- Is there any comeback? Will Mikey recover from his thirst? Will he be able to control his dark impulses?

There is something different about this time. In here, Mikey knows Takemichi is only back to save him. Will he be able to let go of who he truly is? He knows Takemichi is willing to save him no matter what; He is here from the future for that sole purpose only.

Tokyo Revengers: Where to read?

The fanbase of this manga is increasing day by day, and we only have to thank the incredible background story for the rising fanbase. People cannot get enough of the plot twists, and the multiple storylines that Ken Wakui has to offer us. Tanemichi Hanagaki has been quick to win the hearts of the fans with his never giving up attitude. Also, the side characters get a lot of love.

Tokyo Revengers is serially published on Kodansha Comics. There are some official sites too which update the latest chapters of the manga. You can even buy individual volumes of the manga, and stay updated.

We will update you with the latest news on Tokyo Revengers as well. There might be some illegal sites, but we advise you not to indulge in those.

This is all we have on the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 233 right now. The fight will be intense. Will Mikey at least spare Takemichi? We will again be meeting with the updates next week. Till then stay tuned with us. You might wanna check out the latest Mieruko-Chan Episode 10.

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