Tokyo Revengers 239 Release Date

Those who have been following the storey should be aware that Takemichi will form his own squad to combat Mikey. Things are starting to go in the correct direction now that Takemichi has a fresh drive to put things right. So, what’s going to happen in Chapter 239 of Tokyo Revengers? We’ve got you covered, don’t worry. So, howdy fellas, in this post, we’ll be discussing Tokyo Revengers 239? What is the new official Chapter 239 publication date? Where can you find the next Tokoyo Revengers chapter? Let’s see what we can find out:-


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239

Takemichi’s objective to assemble recruits for his group was detailed in the previous chapter. So, in the last chapter, we encountered Mitsuya, but he was in bad shape. He is presently pursuing a career as a designer in the fashion sector. Mitsuya is seeking a career in the fashion business after promising Draken to be one of the stylists in the previous episode. Takemichi attends Mitsuya’s award ceremony at the end of the chapter.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239: Release Date

The official release date of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 is January 26, 2024. The hype is real, the storyline is incredible. We’ll see Takemichy and Chifuyu together going to create one new team that will face Tokyo Manji Gang. Fans cannot wait for the next update.

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Tokyo Revengers 239: Spoilers

Recently the spoilers and the raw scans of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 were revealed and something crazy happened. So, in chapter 239, we will see:-

Mitsuya won the award and his fashion theme was based on the ideology of Draken kun. But guess what, he didn’t accept the award as he is got impressed by Takemichy resolve of pulling Mikey from darkness to light. On the other hand, Mitsuya changed his look and now adapt the look of Draken. Even, he got this tattoo on his head. He seems to be the same as Draken. So, he accepted the offer of Takemichy and now going to help in order to make a great team.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 Raw Scans

Tokyo Revengers 239

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 239 Raw Scans

Tokyo Revengers: The Rising Fanbase

The fanbase of this manga is increasing day by day, and we only have to thank the incredible background story for the rising fanbase. People cannot get enough of the plot twists, and the multiple storylines that Ken Wakui has to offer us. Tanemichi Hanagaki has been quick to win the hearts of the fans with his never-giving-up attitude. Also, the side characters get a lot of love.

Where to read Tokyo Revenger 239?

Tokyo Revengers is serially published on Kodansha Comics. There are some official sites to that update the latest chapters of the manga. You can even buy individual volumes of the manga, and stay updated.

We will update you with the latest news on Tokyo Revengers as well. There might be some illegal sites, but we advise you not to indulge in those.