Tokyo Revengers Emma Sano

Will the gentlest character in the Tokyo Revengers Emma Sano make it till the end? Does Emma Sano live? She’s the last key that holds Mikey’s humanity together. Mikey might not tell it in front of everyone, but he loved Emma way too much.

He was the perfect big brother to his little half-sister. From taking her out on her birthday to making her feel included in the family- Mikey has done it all for Emma. Will Emma be together with Mikey in his happy family?

After Shinichiro died, Mikey took it upon himself to protect Emma from everything bad in their lives. Emma might seem a bit childish- but, she understands everything. She understands others. She’s quite a good friend to Hinata as well. She realises the others never tell her everything because they want to protect her.

Will this gentle soul make it to the end? Will Tokyo Revengers Emma Sano meet the same tragic fate as most of the others in the manga? Cmon let us read a bit more about this too pure of a soul.


Who Is Tokyo Revengers Emma Sano?

Emma Sano was Shinichiro and Mikey’s half-sister who appeared in the early episodes of the anime. Emma tends to be childish around Draken, her long-time crush. She will often be flirty to try to get him jealous and then gets disappointed when she finds he doesn’t realize her intentions.

Emma is all that we call a gentle soul. She is a nice break that readers take after reading such a terrific manga filled with tragedy. Everyone expects her and Draken to be together in the end.

In the end, it is revealed that Draken too loves Emma, and Mikey only knew it. He didn’t tell Emma because Draken swore that it was a secret, and someday he would be the one who tells it to her face. However, we will just have to read onwards to see if their dream of together ever comes true. Did Draken confess? Did Emma know how much the boy loved her? Come on, let us dive a bit further into the plot.

Will Tokyo Revengers Emma Sano meet a tragic fate?

Emma’s death is probably the most heartbreaking. While under Takemichi’s protection, and, under Mikey’s order, Emma is killed by Kisaki and Hanma before the big gang battle, after she revealed that she and Draken love each other.

Emma Sano Tragedy: Does She Die?

Izana- the stepbrother of Mikey, Shinichiro, and Emma grew up without love. His only goal in life became the defeat of Mikey. In his eyes- Mikey had it all while he was left to rot in the juvie. He thought Shinichiro loved Mikey the most.

When Shinichiro died- he wanted to take everything away from Mikey. He knew Emma held this key, and so began the plot of killing Emma. Kisaki Tetta who was the mastermind behind this all told him to get rid of Emma.

It was Kisaki and Hanma who killed Emma after hitting her. Mikey came running towards her but was too late. He picked her up and carried her to the hospital, but it was too late. On the way- he told him that Draken loved her just like she loved him. But, it was of no use. Emma never knew that she had Draken’s love too. She died in the hospital.

There you go- Tokyo Revengers Emma Sano did have an incredibly sad ending. Mikey almost lost it all. Does he return from this point? Emma’s death left the biggest scar in both Mikey and Draken. Draken could never confess how much the girl meant to him. The readers are probably scarred after this failed love story too. Can Draken heal from this mental scar? You might need to read more on Tokyo Revengers after this.

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