There is so much to choose from when it comes to Netflix. Sometimes it takes more than 20 mins to settle on something to watch. But don’t worry we can make this somewhat easy for you. Here are the Top 10 Netflix Action Series to watch.

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Top 10 Netflix Action Series to watch:


Daredevil follows the heroics of Matt Murdock. A blind vigilante who has determined to protect his Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood from crime and injustice. Daredevil promises to capture the attention of superhero fans for the course of its three seasons. This Netflix series has plenty of well-executed Action scenes and compelling narratives around this damaged yet sympathetic character.

Cobra Kai:

The series is set in the current day starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. But it flips the script on their characters’ roles. It previously was on YouTube when the platform was producing originals before being picked up by Netflix. Daniel, the erstwhile underdog, is now raking in the wealth and milking his popularity for all it’s worth. While Johnny has hit rock bottom. Is this the solution to Johnny’s midlife crisis? Obviously, reopen the dojo. A new batch of karate youngsters rises into the martial arts world. And old rivalries reappear, resulting in a seriously butt-kicking action series.

The Witcher:

The Witcher, based on the books that inspired the video game franchise, stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, a magical mutant “Witcher” who hunts things and consumes a lot of potions while grunting “hm” a lot. There is a slew of other characters, perhaps too many. But Geralt is the one to keep an eye on. The muddled timeline of Season 1 is perplexing, and it leaves many questions for Season 2. But it’s one of Netflix’s best originals in terms of story and action. It also includes the best song ever featured in a Netflix series.


Well, there are not enough words to describe this series. The animation, plot, action, music, you name it, Arcane check all the boxes. Sisters Vi and Jinx find themselves on opposing sides of a growing battle over clashing views and arcane weapons amid the escalating turmoil between the opulent, utopian city of Piltover and the sleazy, impoverished undercity of Zaun. This should be on top of your watchlist.

Altered Carbon:

The first season of this Netflix original series succeeded in laying out the basic notion of this science fiction universe. As their awareness can move from body to body, humans can continue to live. A standard murder inquiry becomes considerably more complicated as a result of this.

The sci-fi element of the action sequences is even more in the second season. And there’s even more for fans to get their teeth into. Throughout the spectacle, there are some amazing stunts and superb battle choreography.

Warrior Nun:

Warrior Nun is a show about nuns who fight demons. It is shockingly good, owing to the divine nature of the activity in it. The series follows a young lady who dies unexpectedly. But is resurrected in a morgue with a halo etched on her back, only to discover she is now a member of a hidden sisterhood that fights evil. It is loosely based on the comic book character Warrior Nun Areala. The nuns go up against private security thugs, interdimensional demons in the appearance of huge Decepticons. And even each other in this show’s outstanding battle& action scenes. There is a great deal of mythology.

The Umbrella Academy:

The first superhero series that isn’t like the rest. While many Netflix action shows strive for a more gritty and edgy story, this series based on the popular graphic novel attempts to capture the heart and spirit of the source material. With talking chimps, spectacular explosions, time travel, superhero action, and massive moments of spectacle, this show encompasses so many various genre genres that every action enthusiast should check out these students’ trips.


Richard Madden portrays professional bodyguard David Budd. Who is assigned to safeguard Home Secretary Julia Montague. A prominent political figure whose life is in peril owing to a clever scheme, in this show. Budd battles with PTSD as a result of his military duty in Afghanistan. And he frequently finds himself at odds with Montague.

While the first season of this show is only six episodes long, it will provide a satisfying viewing experience for anyone who appreciates political thrillers and strong action. As it excels at dealing with topics like government abuse of power for the sake of national security, PTSD problems, and terror conspiracies.

Black Summer:

The moral ambiguities, bleak settings, and gruesome bloodshed can all feel repetitive. However, Black Summer, a SyFy spin-off of Z Nation, has developed a cult following thanks to directors John Hyams and Abram Cox’s slick action filmmaking and nerve-wracking suspense sequences. “Just when you thought zombies couldn’t scare any longer,” says the narrator.

Breaking Bad:

When a high school teacher learns that he is dying of cancer, he changes his life and attempts to provide for his family before he passes away. Walter White enlists the help of Jesse Pinkman, a former classmate, and begins manufacturing drugs.

The series is action-packed and chock-full of memorable moments. This is one of the greatest TV shows to watch on Netflix for edge-of-your-seat action, whether it’s the furious shootouts, quick getaways, or even some of the little disputes that develop.

That’s all from the Top 10 Netflix Action Series to watch. You can catch all these shows on Netflix.