What are the Best Episodes Of Friends TV Series? It was the dawn of something like a cultural icon. That would see the cast fall in and out of love, change jobs, apartments, and hairstyles. While spending an unreasonable amount of time on a couch in a coffee house. Over the course of 10 seasons for 10 years. Kauffman and Crane are the geniuses behind this gem of a show. And after many changes and rewrites, the Friends Tv Series came to the screens.

Individuals are still re-watching Friends, quoting their favorite characters, events, and lines from the sitcom. And talking about it with other fans. It’s not just a show for them. Friends are comforting, heartbreaking, hilarious, and binge-worthy. Giving the fans a comfortable place, to get away from all their tensions.

While we know that every episode is great in its own unique way. But there are some which have become fan favorites worldwide. Considered as the Best Episodes of Friends. The Tv series has 10 seasons with 236 episodes. And today we are going to go over the Top 15 Episodes of Friends. Or you could say this article is “The one with the Best Episodes of Friends”.

You can catch all the episodes of Friends on Netflix.

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The One With All The Resolutions (Season 5, Episode 11):

The focus of the episode is New Year’s resolutions. From a fairly early point in the night, the gang fights to follow up with their new year resolutions.

The episode’s greatest highlight is undoubtedly Ross in his leather pants. In the long term, his decision to be a little different doesn’t work out well for him. Observing his struggles to remove them is a situation that provides some of the show’s best physical comedy. With Ross attempting a variety of ideas while on a date inside a bathroom. The show’s New Year’s Eve episodes have always been hilarious, and “The One With All The Resolutions” is no exception one of the Best Episodes Of Friends TV Series.

The One With Ross’s Sandwich (Season 5, Episode 9):

This episode will tell how much a sandwich can mean to someone. Ross and the thanksgiving sandwich, tell me a better love story. When it is taken at work, Ross explodes in rage, revealing an entirely another side of his personality.

Friends Tv Series: The Best Episodes

Meanwhile, Joey is forced to become inventive in order to keep Chandler and Monica’s relationship a secret from them, including pretending to leave his underpants in Monica’s apartment. There are a lot of typical comical moments as well as scenes about friendship, which creates the perfect balance that the sitcom is known for.

The One With Monica And Chandler’s Wedding Part 2 (Season 7, Episode 24):

Chandler’s near-failure to complete the wedding, but finally demonstrating his love for Monica, provided a tremendous opportunity for drama, which the episode effectively exploits.

Meanwhile, Joey’s road to the altar is considerably more humorous as he tries to get out of work, and Rachel ties it all together with a bombshell conclusion when she reveals she’s pregnant. Of course, in true Friends style, this episode managed to combine both emotion and fun.

The One With Ross’s Wedding Part 2 (Season 4, Episode 24): 

This is one of my favorite episodes from season 4. Rachel is traveling to London to tell Ross she loves him. While Phoebe anxiously tries to warn the gang. Monica and Chandler are having an affair. Rachel arrives early for the wedding but chooses to remain silent.

Friends Tv Series: The Best Episodes

Ross blows everything by saying “take thee Rachel” instead of Emily just as the wedding appears to be spared. Ending the season with Friends’ craziest cliffhanger ever. This one is literally one of the Best Episodes Of Friends TV Series

The One With The Rumor (Season 8, Episode 9):

In this episode, Brad Pitt makes a cameo. As a High school friend of Monica and Ross. Monica bumps into him and asks him to Thanksgiving dinner, oblivious to the fact that Will despises Rachel, whom he describes as “a little harsh to him in high school.”

Secrets begin to surface, and Rachel is wounded and surprised to learn that Ross and Will not only created the “I Hate Rachel Green Club,” but also spread a terrible lie about her. Joey, on the other hand, is dressed in Phoebe’s maternity clothes in an attempt to consume almost an entire turkey.

The One With The Proposal Part 2 (Season 6, Episode 25):

Chandler does such an excellent job of convincing Monica that he never wants to marry that he almost forces her back to Richard. While Chandler is chatting about pigs, Richard tells Monica that he wants to marry her and offer her everything she’s ever desired.

Friends Tv Series: The Best Episodes

Both the characters and the audience are pushed through an emotional roller coaster in this funny mix-up of an episode before they end up proposing to each other in the show’s most romantic moment. This episode is more about the feelings and the affection that people have for this couple than it is about the funny.

This episode divides up the group, following various combinations of Friends as they travel New York into the late evening. After the meteor-viewing party where everyone takes joy in intellect-shaming Ross. Monica and Chandler alternately fight and become preoccupied as they are unable to sleep.

Friends Tv Series: The Best Episodes An errant fire alarm keeps Phoebe awake. As foreplay, Rachel and Tag use an office miscommunication. But it’s Ross and Joey who steal the show when they become caught on Joey’s fire escape and have to utilize one other as human ladders to get to safety.

Ross is worried about missing a significant occasion. Monica obsesses about a voicemail Richard left her, while Joey and Chandler fight over a chair, resulting in Chandler grabbing all of Joey’s underwear and Joey doing lunges in all of Chandler’s clothes. Their war is just hilarious to watch. While Ross just getting angry and anxious.

The Last One (Season 10, Episode 17):

This episode is the end of an era. Which made everyone emotional and happy for them at the same time. Ross and Phoebe are attempting to catch up to Rachel before her flight takes off, but they wind up at the incorrect airport. Monica and Chandler, on the other hand, are getting ready to leave their iconic flat. This one deserves to be in the list of Best Episodes Of Friends TV Series.

The One Where Everybody Finds Out (Season 5, Episode 14):

This is the episode in which everyone learns about Chandler and Monica and their secret connection, as the title suggests. Phoebe flips out when she sees Monica and Chandler making out from Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment.

Later, she and Rachel decide to play pranks on the pair, and Phoebe tries to seduce Chandler in order to push them to come out of hiding. Monica and Chandler learn of their plans and seek to thwart them, resulting in a fantastic back-and-forth. This is one of the highest-rated friend’s episodes on IMDB, with a rating of 9.7.

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