Remote work is what many students dream about, since it implies a flexible schedule and a chance to work from anywhere in the world. Today, anyone can become a sought-after specialist, even those who haven’t graduated yet. Some jobs require basic knowledge which can be obtained through courses or internships. In any case, online jobs are easy to combine with study and plus, they will be a wonderful addition to your resume.


Internet Marketing


If you are interested in sales and everything connected with them, this area is perfect for you. Here, you will be able to use your analytical and creative abilities to the maximum. Of course, job tasks will take plenty of time, but thanks to “ write my dissertation “, this won’t be a problem for you. Experienced authors always follow your instructions and deadlines, so your task will be finished at the highest level possible. In the meantime, you will devote your energy to what matters most at this very moment.

Internet Marketing Specialist

Internet marketing specialists are becoming more in demand every year, as online sales gain momentum. Such a professional is well-versed in web analytics, creating advertising campaigns and using SEO tools.

Here are their main responsibilities:

  • Study the market, analyze the target audience and competitors;
  • Describe the target audience and explore its needs, desires and fears;
  • Understand the product and its peculiarities;
  • Choose the right promotion channels;
  • Create a promotion strategy;
  • Evaluate whether advertising campaigns are effective.

Social Media Manager

Social media manager not only writes posts and makes pictures, but also manages the entire project: from budgeting to coming up with advertising campaigns.

Basically, they focus on:

  • Working with a variety of content such as texts, photos and videos;
  • Generating traffic;
  • Developing a social media strategy;
  • Setting up targeted and contextual advertising;
  • Estimating costs.

Targeted Advertising Specialist

Targeted advertising specialists are engaged in setting up advertising on social networks. Such a professional ensures that advertising is shown to a certain circle of people who may be interested in services, goods or content.

Their tasks include:

  • Running ads for a specific target audience;
  • Managing the budget;
  • Creating sales texts for advertising;
  • Conducting analytics.


This specialist solves business problems using texts. They write articles, blogs and come up with slogans. Copywriters often create SEO texts that meet the latest requirements of search algorithms.

Here’s what copywriters do:

  • Research a particular topic;
  • Write texts for various platforms, from world-known media to social networks;
  • Create infographics;
  • Work on native ads.

SEO Specialist

This specialist is popular all over the internet – not a single successful business can do without one. SEO specialists optimize the site’s performance and make sure that all content gets to the first positions of search engines, which results in a large flow of customers.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Developing a promotion strategy;
  • Optimizing the site and various pages for promotion in search engines;
  • Identifying technical errors and correcting them;
  • Compiling technical specifications for copywriters and other specialists;
  • Leading the team.



Programmers are known to receive high salaries, but the requirements to become one are also high. Fortunately, some jobs can be mastered from scratch.

Web Developer

A web developer works directly with websites – they create them according to the agreed layout.

Web developers are usually focused on:

  • Coming up with mobile and adaptive versions of websites;
  • Programming in JavaScript and other languages.

Python Developers

The Python programming language is in great demand among specialists from various fields. To become such a developer, you can take courses so that in the future, you will:

  • Write a correct code in Python and understand other specialists’ codes;
  • Work with network protocols;
  • Create software for data collection;
  • Administrate the software;
  • Develop websites, games and applications.

Java Developer

A developer who is well versed in Java programming language is in demand among employers, as such a programmer is needed in complex projects. Working in such a position, you will:

  • Write codes in Java;
  • Develop applications;
  • Layout in HTML and CSS;
  • Work with SQL and databases.

QA Engineer

QA engineer is a job that doesn’t require deep knowledge, but programming experience is still required. Such a specialist finds errors in the software product and corrects them. The main tasks include:

  • Testing software manually;
  • Developing automated programs for testing;
  • Programming in Java;
  • Preparing test reports.



If you want to become great at sales and project management, but don’t know how it works in the digital sphere, then pay attention to the job mentioned below.

Online Store Manager

This specialist organizes the work of an online store from scratch, understands legal issues and payment systems, and knows how pricing policy is formed.

Here’s what you will do:

  • Determine the target audience of the product;
  • Attract customers;
  • Manage promotion and sales;
  • Organize logistics;
  • Analyze store performance.


These services are in demand in any business. Thus, the number of opportunities is simply unlimited.

Graphic Designer

This specialist perfectly knows how to use graphic editors and solves problems related to corporate identity and other visual components.

Designers are responsible for:

  • Creating a logo and corporate identity for the brand;
  • Designing presentations;
  • Creating infographics and animations;
  • Working on the visual concept of advertising campaigns.

UX/UI Designer

A UX/UI designer is a sought-after digital specialist with wonderful prospects and a competitive salary. Its main goal is to improve user interaction with the product.

You will do that thanks to:

  • Creating a product interface;
  • Communicate messages visually;
  • Analyzing the users’ behavior;
  • Researching the target audience;

Web Designer

A web designer creates interfaces for apps and websites. This specialist is responsible for creating the most convenient visual presentation of the material, forming the logical structure of web pages and apps.

In this position, you will:

  • Develop a design layout of the site;
  • Choose fonts and work with typography;
  • Develop interface design;
  • Create interface animation and 3D graphics;
  • Make presentations for customers.

To Wrap It Up


Above, we have collected the most popular remote jobs students can choose from. First, many of them have flexible schedules so you can attend classes without any problems. Second, any of these professions will improve your skills such as time management, team communication, flexibility and stress resistance.

Many students hesitate when they are offered an exciting project for little money. But career coaches recommend taking these jobs, since at this stage, experience plays a much greater role than salary. It will all pay off later on, and not only will you add a valuable line to your resume, but you will be able to start your own business if you want to.