Goku vs Jiren likely?

The Episode 100 was worth watching. Yes, may be Kale in her ‘True Saiyan’ Form was a little overpowered, that’s something I have been hearing about for a long time now. Comment if you also think the same.

Anyway, the episode was basically the first of many episodes where the Saiyans will be kept the focus of the show. And did you see the preview!? Damn! that is something worth talking about, especially the potential fight between Jiren and Goku.

Today’s episode made it very clear, that SSJ God form needs an upgrade when it comes to the survival arc, It could be the limit x breaker form, It could be just a power-up or a better understanding of the God Ki itself, whatever it is we can fairly anticipate one coming really soon.

Let’s talk about the preview of the next episode, that is episode 101. We can safely assume that all Saiyans will be working together, I really don’t see the point of Kale teaming up with Goku unless she is able to get control of her power. And yet she is, so that would mean we can expect something really emotional happening soon, well, that’s the only way you can let Kale do anything.

We have Goku inviting Jiren to fight him straight on! Brother did you not see what he did to that ‘True Saiyan’ form of Kale? I mean seriously you Kamehameha was literally of no effect. So well, Jiren does not straight agree to fight Goku instead he orders five of his team mates to knock out universe 7.

The five pride troopers will be mostly the ones who are meant to be taken out real soon. I was surprised when the Yadrat was taken out so easily. I mean, did you not expect some cool attacks from him? In the new ending song, we see only a few universe 11 guys and the only one from the five fighting Goku and Co. right now is Kahseral.

Strongest Warrior Jiren

Today’s preview shows a moment where Caulifla seems to be protecting Kale while they fight together with Goku. Yes, she cries a lot, but this thing seemed something different. May be we will be seeing Kale in the “True Saiyan” form but this time she will be the one controlling it. If not I don’t see Kale being of any help anyway. Do you?

See the difference of kamehameha used by Goku below and people will say that super saiyan blue is not strong now lol.

The fight I am really excited about is Jiren vs Goku. I mean Goku definitely needs a power up to stand a chance fighting Jiren. I have a feeling though that fighting Jiren, will be more of a technique thing rather than a power thing. Did you guys notice how confident he was of his ki blast? The blast was strong enough to knock Kale off her uncontrolled form but not large enough to kill her. He just seems really skilled of a warrior.

Dragon Ball Super- A mortal stronger than Gods

We know from the preview it is not just universe 11 who will be attacking Goku and team, we have some more of universe 4 or 3 guys attacking Goku too. Kahseral seems to be holding good against the androids. Though they have the infinite energy, I really think that will be of little use as Kahseral himself is a modified being and from the world which is potentially more advanced than us.

Turtle Hermit This Week: Putting us such a fight that you can hardly tell his age.

When the turtle hermit loses sight of his Comrades, he escapes the predicament by paralyzing his opponent with the Bankoku-Bikkuri-Shu until his comrades arrive! Muten Roshi is still alive and kicking.

This part of the information which came of as a part of episode 101 scans a few days ago would have made the preview really amazing. I mean who doesn’t want to see the old man fight. He has always been a great character and Damn! his techniques. Whoever Goku and Co. are fighting, they surely know that the only way to take the team down is to break their unity.

It will be really cool to see master Roshi fight again. Comment below if you too are excited for the same! Do hit the like button if you like the article and make sure to watch the new episode of Dragon Ball super, It is epic! given it is their 100th episode, I think they did a good job… There are a lot of questions to be answered, who will be the next universe to be knocked out? Will the theory of elimination be true? Is the Grand Priest really evil.

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