Vegeta New Form

Vegeta! The Saiyan prince. The pure race of Saiyan who could take down anyone! Well, that didn’t go down really well last time he fought Hit. The fight is going to happen again and it’s going to happen soon, well at least we all wish he gets a second chance. So, the tournament of power is 10 mins into the end of everything and things have started to heat up. We soon will be seeing the Pride Troopers fight Universe 7. Though my speculation is most of the five are told to fight Universe 7 because there are way too many characters in the field now.

So how is this possible?

The last episode gave me a lot of questions about the fighter’s abilities. For example, how is Hit able to use his time skip technique in the world of void which by definition has no time or space? Why was Goku hiding his real God power level? Why did Jiren send his team mates to fight Goku if the show claims him to be so damn strong? Why wasn’t there any hint of master Roshi in the preview? and Why on earth is Vegeta being shown so weak. Vegeta has also observed hit fighting Goku for two times now so he has that advantage!

Let’s get straight to one of the most loved characters, Vegeta. Well, most of this article will be about him so let’s begin. Vegeta has grown way stronger than he was the last time he fought Hit. The God form as we know can grow stronger as one practices his or her abilities, Vegeta may not be practicing hard but he broke the room of spirit and time twice while training, well that could make a difference. On the other hand, we have Hit who is said to evolve persistently and is over a 1000 years old! While Goku and Jiren fight we do have a lot of other super strong characters too.

There is Frieza, Toppo, Hit and Vegeta who come in the God power level league. Hit is too hesitant to fight Jiren as we saw in the last episode. This could mean one out of two things, either he is saving his energy or He is too weak to fight him, and if we know one thing about Hit, it is he knows his opponents.

The last time we saw Hit, it was when he was fighting with Goku and Goku could beat Hit or at least match his power levels without using Kioken. I bet Vegeta was equal to Goku’s power level or even more than him after Zamasu episode and he broke the room of spirit and time again. So well I speculate, he could match Hit’s power level this time. But then again Hit isn’t some kid. He has the ability to constantly evolve and his major strength doesn’t lie in his power level but his techniques.

He has amazing techniques including the time skip, and well Vegeta doesn’t have Kioken to counter that. So unless Vegeta has some new tricks up his sleeves, The theory of elimination may just happen to be true. That will be really sad!

To answer how Hit is pulling the time skip and saving his members from falling into the world of void, we have two theories, the first one says he pulls some time that he saved by him previously and the other theory says he is actually using time of some other dimension. We will get back to you with details soon.

But then again we haven’t seen Vegeta fight that pink chubby girl and it wasn’t there in the previews or scans too, so, I guess we could be sure he is not going out just yet.

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