So the spoilers for episode 102 is out! and we have some ‘Fusion’ going on! Wait does that mean… Gogeta? Well, It surely opens a possibility for it. I must say there are spoilers ahead. So let’s get straight into it.

So finally we have the news that the fusion will be possible and will take place in the future Episode in Universe 2 warriors and it may be possible at some time we may see Goku and Vegeta fuse and form Gogeta by fusion dance…..Well, who knows?!


Episode 102: A Huge explosion of Love Power!? Universe 2’s Magical Girl Warrior!!

So we have the fight between the Pink Girl Warrior and Vegeta coming soon! Excited for that? Well, I am except for the fact that elimination theory could just come true. Last few episodes have been really centered to Goku and it’s a good thing other universes are getting some frame time too.

It’s time to merge!? The warrior and victory.

Well, here is where things get interesting, the scans says there will be a merger. This time there is going to be a triple fusion. We know that fusion doesn’t only add up the power levels but also multiplies it by a factor! So we can be sure of the fact that triple fusion will be surely more powerful than double fusion.

Furious battles rage on in the Tournament of Power. Universe 2 warrior Brianne merges with her allies Sanka and Suu to transform into Ribrianne. What is her true strength!?

So, as we might just expect, we will be seeing some real fights now. We will be introduced to a new and better fusion born character Ribrianne. She will be the product of Brianne, Sanka, and Suu. We have seen one of them in an introductory episode and well though they didn’t seem very strong, then we know close to nothing about them. We have no idea what her power level could be, but from the trailer we can guess she can pretty well stand before Vegeta SSJ2. And well I would not take her Ki blast for a joke.

Android 17 this week: misjudges the situation and immediately attacks! 

So someone is getting extra footage in the coming episodes. So we can fairly assume that the fight between five pride troopers and team Goku will be done by the next episodes.

While Brianne is transforming, 17 mercilessly attacks her, his actions are criticized as being ill-mannered, naturally by those from Universe 2, but even Goku Chimes in and berates him!?

I don’t know why people would not do this… I mean, Why do you have to wait till your opponent power ups? It says android 17 attacks Brianne while she is fusing with buddies, I think we have a footage of her while 17 attacks her in the trailer. I don’t get the fact why do you have to be angry on a person who is trying to save your universe if it takes to stop someone who can potentially eliminate half of your team! anyway, Goku and the other members don’t seem to like the action of him i.e attacking her while she was doing the fusion.

This surely opens the door for one of the strongest characters in the dragon ball series. We would really expect that to happen. Do leave a like if you loved this article… Do leave a comment if you have some suggestions.

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