Today’s Episode was amazing. We got to see some new techniques, though I was wondering why Hit did not come up while the dimension shield was up by the pride troopers. Anyway, Kale and Caulifla handled it good, too easy if you ask me.

While all of this is going on we see Jiren is avoiding Goku all along. We were wondering could this be a strategy? and decided to dig deep and there are few fan theories which seem really legit.


Why Jiren is holding back like Goku?

One of the best answers to Jiren avoiding Goku is given by the theory which exploits the fact that Jiren has never refused to fight Goku it is other warriors or events which are not letting the fight happen.


This is a known fact the last and the most interesting fight we will see is the fight between Jiren and Goku, but Toei hasn’t been that simple for a long time now. The sure thing is that the arc will have a happy ending but how is it happy if it ends with 7 out of 8 universes getting erased? There is definitely some plot which is coming soon.

Today’s episode did come with few good scene, we finally saw Vegeta as not so weak character, assuming the fact he actually is hunting for strong guys to fight.

“Furious battles rage on in the Tournament of Power. Universe 2 warrior Brianne merges with her allies Sanka and Suu to transform into Ribrianne. What is her true strength!?”

This is something that’s coming up next episode so well, we have not seen Jiren fight yet, and the fact that each fight that we are seeing are individually fought and are also going on at the same time, that would mean that not more than 10 minutes have passed. The reason that Toppo gave for Jiren not to fight was to save his stamina.

So, the second theory that we have is that Toppo and team wants to exhaust everyone before they reveal their actual power. We can’t really guarantee the power level as of yet as the Pride troopers were taken down real easy today. One question that I have is Where is Hit all this time? There is Frieza, Toppo, Hit and Vegeta who come in the God power level league. Hit is too hesitant to fight Jiren as we saw in the last episode.

This could mean one out of two things, either he is saving his energy or He is too weak to fight him, and if we know one thing about Hit, it is he knows his opponents.


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