Hit the legendary assassin! We have confirmation that there will be a fight between Hit and Vegeta the Saiyan Prince, and we are here to analyze what could be the fate of this about. The last time we saw these two fight, Vegeta had his butt kicked really hard, Could this time be any different? Below this image there is a proof so keep calm!

To start with let’s bring you the official source where we are getting this information from. It comes from one of the writers of the Dragon Ball Super, though the extent of his contribution is not very clear, he undoubtedly works as an official member of the anime TOSHIO:


Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power most anticipated rematch of this arc has been leaked by a writer that works on Dragon Ball Super. Big thank you to them. Toshio has revealed that Hit vs Vegeta rematch is happening!

Quote: ” Previously Hit was stronger than Vegeta. I don’t know now. I’m looking forward to the fight against Hit and Vegeta”. End of Quote. Vegeta will fight Hit in the near future and this was hinted in Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 as Vegeta attacked Hit but was blocked by Botamo.


It all started with the question that one of the fans asked on twitter, asking if Hitto was stronger than Vegeta and Frieza? that’s a question we all have had, and deep inside we know Vegeta is hiding something! So, looking at the reply by Toshio we are sure to witness the fight between them soon. There is one thing that he missed in his answer, was it intentional?


He did not speak about Frieza, Frieza is a God level strong character and comparing him with Hit would be just fair. He hasn’t really used his Golden form yet and that meant Hit does not yet know, how powerful Frieza is and this could really be a disadvantage for Hit.

Hit is a Character who is over a thousand years old and well, he can be considered a creature that can evolve continuously and persistently. Goku and Vegeta can be considered almost equals if we don’t consider the Kioken factors.

I personally feel he is not showing all his power, it was just a couple of seconds that we saw him in his God form. He seems to be concerned about his stamina, he can definitely be considered a better strategist than Goku and that well, is a fact for a long time.

Yes, he has lost skin in the game for a while as he has grown an emotional side. But isn’t that good for a Saiyan? Saiyans use their emotions for increasing their powers at least the ones from universe 7 do.

Vegeta seems to be stopped to fight Hit by Hit’s team members and we can safely assume the fact that Vegeta may have some plan in mind while he is that eager to attack Hit so much. here is Frieza, Toppo, Hit and Vegeta who come in the God power level league. Hit is too hesitant to fight Jiren as we saw in the last episode.

This could mean one out of two things, either he is saving his energy or He is too weak to fight him, and if we know one thing about Hit, it is he knows his opponents.

The last time we saw Hit, it was when he was fighting with Goku and Goku could beat Hit or at least match his power levels without using Kioken. I bet Vegeta was equal to Goku’s power level or even more than him after Zamasu episode and he broke the room of spirit and time again. So well I speculate, he could match Hit’s power level this time. But then again Hit isn’t some kid.

He has the ability to constantly evolve and his major strength doesn’t lie in his power level but his techniques. Hit has an arsenal of techniques, techniques including the time skip, and well Vegeta doesn’t have Kioken to counter that. So unless Vegeta has some new tricks up his sleeves, the theory of elimination order may just turn to be true.

We can expect this fight after the Ribrianne’s episode because the next few will be well focused on the fusion of the girls and androids. We have seen Vegeta fight her and well, I will not underestimate her power.

We will be introduced to a new and better fusion born character Ribrianne. She will be the product of Brianne, Sanka, and Suu. We have seen one of them in an introductory episode and well though they didn’t seem very strong, then we know close to nothing about them. We have no idea what her power level could be, but from the trailer, we can guess she can pretty well stand before Vegeta SSJ2. And well I would not take her Ki blast for a joke.


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