Dragon Ball Super is getting more and more interesting day by day, this is all because of the leaks we get from the various sources like Ken Xyro on Twitter, and also Toshio an official writer at Dragon Ball Super, First read then you will understand that it makes sense!

So grab your seat belts here are the perfect PROOFS from the latest Jump Magazines with English Translations!


These scans never contain a mistake, if there is a super saiyan blue transformation it is mentioned blue in it, but this time it is written that Goku will transform into Super Saiyan God (super saiyan god is the form which was in the early episodes of Dragon Ball Super when for the first time Goku had God ki.)

If its true will Goku turn SS God which is a stamina efficient and less harmful to body transformation than Blue as it will be a more upgraded version of it.

We have ep. 104 airing on August 20th Universe 11’s Dyspo battles Universe 6’s Hit. Dyspo battles Universe 6’s Hit. and here’s the twist, we have seen Dyspo he wasn’t really someone who could stand a chance in front of Hit.

But the scans here say, Dyspo blocks Hit’s movements with bullets of light, and one sidedly pummels him. Seeing this Goku becomes Super Saiyan God and stands before Dyspo saying his body is throbbing but it is followed by Goku coming to help Hit and we might safely assume Dyspo will get his butt kicked this time.

Thanks to the effort of Universe 7’s Son Gohan, Universe 10’s warriors are wiped out. Universe 10 is annihilated. So we now know which universe goes out next.

At that time in the arena, a battle begins between two of the mightest warriors, Universe 6’s Hit and Universe 11’s Dyspo. Dyspo Claims to have countered Hit’s Time Skip… But…?

Moving on, Ep. 104: A faster than light battle BEgins! Goku and Hit’s Join Front! Aug 20th

Episode 104 definitely has more than 103, we will see Hit fighting Dyspo, I wonder how would Dyspo be able to stand in front of Hit let alone putting him in a tight spot. There is one more thing that is worth noticing here, The scans say Goku turns into SSJ God were’nt they suppose to say SSJ blue? Does this have a deeper meaning?

Waiting for August 20 Episode

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