Vegeta New Form

Today’s episode was mind-blowing! Hit wasn’t that bad after all. We had a few section which was clear indication of an inspiration from the Manga. Goku switching between the Red and the blue form was a clever move.

Though I personally found him to be showing off a bit today. A long time is left for the tournament of power to end and I highly doubt the fighters will require that amount of time anyway to throw others.

Vegeta was not shown nor he noticed Goku going SSJ god in today’s episode!

Toshio is a writer at Dragon Ball Super he confirmed that Vegeta will get SSG  in the tournament of power as shown in the pic above! Vegeta already got SSG in manga, to keep him on par with Goku, they will surely give him SSG too.

Role of Vegeta was not there in today’s episode, Dyspo got injured and Toppo has realised that the time to ‘play hero’ is over. Goku and Hit seemed to be really powerful today. The ending song has only 3 of the remaining warriors from universe 11. So, now we can be sure enough that there is not much of a footage of Universe 11 left till the major Goku vs Jiren fight and the fight with Toppo. Till now if I am not wrong we have a little over 43 fighters left. The last week was filled with a lot of breaking news and this week seems to be no different.

We have Toshio who might just have said that after Goku Vegeta might also get a God form transformation. He has never got a God transformation, as far as I recall he transformed into Blue. Damn! that scene!.

So the God form has a lot of advantages. In the manga, there was one disadvantage of switching between blue and red, and that was the heavy amount of stamina it required. But it is not the same in the anime. In fact, there could not be a better strategy for now.

Vegeta is known to be a fighter with better strategy and well, there is a reason he is known as The Saiyan Prince. We haven’t seen much of Vegeta in the last few episodes. I am speculating that it’s Vegeta’s turn coming very soon.

The next episode will be focusing on Master Roshi. I wonder what the sacrifice will be. The preview of episode 105 says there will be a need to pull a dangerous trick.

Any ways, The news of Vegeta getting the God form has created a hype in the co

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