Dragon Ball Super one hour episode spoilers

Special thanks to KenXyro and Yankuo production for the confirmed spoilers. These are the major Spoilers which one can expect for this month and for the upcoming month’s one-hour episode on October 8.


Episode 107: Revenge F! The Cunning Trap is Set !!?


Synopsis :

Kaioshin Fuwa has given Frost orders to take down the warriors of the 7th universe. With the victory of the 6th universe, Frost’s debts will be annulled. Frost accepts on the condition that he would be given financial assistance to start over his business. He immediately sets on his next target, Master Roshi.

Episode 108: Frieza and Frost! Their Ill Will Meets !?



Frieza looks into his next opponent. Meanwhile, Gohan is forced into a tough match with Ji-Mizu. Frieza grins as he watches Gohan being tormented, while everyone from the 7th universe watches Frieza with suspicions of betrayal.


Episode 109: Strongest Enemy Approaches Goku! Fire it Now! Sure-Kill Spirit Bomb !!


While Gohan struggles in his match, the battle between Son Goku and Ribrianne continues. Seeking to become humanity’s beloved goddess by winning the Tournament of Power, Ribrianne went all out in her attack against Goku.


In the midst of it all, Jiren of the 11th universe is finally releasing his conserved energy in front of Goku. With his almost unimaginably massive amounts of ki, Jiren begins to overwhelm Goku, as well as the other warriors.

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