Goku Kaioken x20 vs Jiren

Dragon Ball Super is ready to jump into the most awaited part of the Tournament of Power and that is planned within the next few episodes. which will include the one-hour special episode to be specific to the epic battle of Goku against Jiren!

However, the fighter from Universe 11 is still very much a mystery. Maybe because all this time they have been ‘playing heroes’. A few days ago we had some trusted sources tweeting that Goku’s Kiaoken times 20 will be absolutely nothing in front of Jiren. Special thanks to Kenxyro for all the latest reliable news!

Dragon Ball Super one hour episode spoilers

Those of you who know what Kaio-Ken can do, it’s a big claim to make. The last few days have been providing more and more evidence that Jiren may be the most powerful fighter we’ve seen yet. That is the point right? Each villain has to be stronger than the last one. Maybe I am rushing a little too much before calling him a villain. Let’s for now call him one that pushes Goku to new limits and a new transformation that fans are hyped to see.


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Ever since the community heard about the leak that Goku’s Kaioken times 20 attack over Super Saiyan Blue form will be no match for Jiren, it’s become clear that the Universe 11 fighter is hiding some truly unprecedented power levels. We have previously seen Goku use Kaioken times 20 in his blue form against Hit, which pretty much ended the fight in no time.

There are some rumors that Jiren won’t even be showing his true power when he’s beating down Goku in Super Saiyan Blue form! This all leads back to the popular theory of how Goku’s next form will be achieved. The new form is pretty much confirmed to arrive in the coming special episode or one after that. The fight between Jerin and Goku is said to be the last fight in the tournament of power. We might expect some storyline that extends way beyond the tournament of power, given this arc will not end before 133 episodes.

The most popular theory, for now, is that when Goku discovers Kaioken times 20 over Super Saiyan Blue is not enough to stop Jiren, he turns to an old favorite: The Spirit Bomb.

Yes, if you don’t know this yet, Goku will be using his special move of the spirit bomb. Though there is one thing to notice here, the spirit bomb needs energy from other beings, so, will the other members lend their energy to Goku? Or will the attack will be powered by Gods? It’s not a certainty what effect the bomb would have against Jiren, but the speculation is that Goku will actually absorb the Spirit Bomb and that shattering his old limits in the process could be the source of his new transformation.

This, of course, is a theory inspired by the manga where Goku and Vegeta absorb the God ki to obtain the perfect God form which is in fact 10 times stronger than the normal Blue form.

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