Sure Goku deserves the hype he has been getting from the community for his upcoming form. In the last two months, we have seen the whole of the internet being flooded with the speculations about Goku and his new form. Today in this article lets sit back and do an analysis of how did we reach here.

For those of you who were too young or too busy …All started with a kid Saiyan being sent to earth. The times when some electronic device could measure power levels and over 9000 was considered super strong.

We saw Goku in action for the first time in the karate tournament. And since then he has never stopped. There was a time Master Roshi could match Goku’s power level without much trouble. Krillin was the closest match to Goku. 

Time passed and Goku learned various techniques from different teachers. The best being his Kaioken. The one which has helped him win countless fights. Starting with the one with Vegeta and the last one he uses was against Zamasu.

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No one can forget the ape form and soon we saw the false Super Saiyan Form. It was guessed no one can surpass that form but soon started the Frieza Saga and the longest wait for the Super Saiyan Form. The green-eyed Saiyan blew our mind. I don’t know if you noticed the absorbed spirit bomb was also dope.

Well admit it we all thought that was the end of it but soon we got t the cooler transformation of Super Saiyan 2. A transformation with twice the speed and power of Super regular Saiyan grade one. Then we had the buffed form of ultra super saiyan. A form which was stronger but too slow. Then we got Super Saiyan 3 also known as the costliest transformation to animate. The reason why we don’t see it much in Super.

Dragon Ball Super one hour episode spoilers

Fusion techniques may it be the earnings or the dance both are worth the praise. It makes the body more than just twice as strong as the two participant fusion subject. Dragon ball has always pushed limits and soon we got to see Beerus the God of Destruction. We were told about the concept of universes.

Goku is the only one to get the God transformation the red one. This is the quickest transformation till now. Soon we saw Vegeta and Goku push limits to reach the Super Saiyan Blue. For, now the strongest transformation we have seen Goku achieve is the super Saiyan blue Kioken. From what is in the news Jiren will not even use his full power to defeat that Blue form Kioken x20. This might be the motivation for the release of the Limit X Breaker.

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