We all know how annoying sometimes it can be when you have to spend hours waiting in line for your departure. There are different protocols that are common at every airport, such as the security check, validation of your documents, and inspection of your luggage.

If you don’t know these rules, there is even a chance for you to be held by security for an even more detailed check, which means more waiting time. The great thing is that there are some solutions that could help you avoid waiting in line for a longer time, like the service available in Australia that you can check at

Keep in mind that there is no way to avoid the line completely, but there are some tricks that will help you significantly reduce that time. Here are some of the best ways for that.


1. Choose the Right Time For Traveling


Even if you are not using any additional options for reducing the waiting time, the fact that there will be fewer people on your next flight means that the waiting time will simply be shorter. Therefore, you should research more about popular dates and times when more people decide to go on vacation. For example, if you are planning to travel during some public holiday, you must be prepared for longer lines.

2. Pay Attention to Your Luggage


The amount of clothes you are bringing on your trip can make a huge difference when it comes to waiting for departure. There are many benefits if you decide to bring only a carry-on bag. First of all, it will be cheaper to travel that way because there is an additional fee for more luggage. Also, there will be a security check of your bags, and that process will be much faster when you have only one handy bag.

In that matter, be sure to bring only those things that are necessary. Even if you are going to vacation, it depends on the location where you are traveling. For example, if you are going to some exotic destination, there is a chance that you can buy clothes there for a very affordable price.

3. Check-In In Advance

It is now common at most airports that you can provide details about your ticket by using a website. In most cases, you can do that one day before the flight. Even though you will still have to pass the security check, you can at least avoid the line for ticket confirmation.

It is a new trend where companies are introducing mobile apps that you can use instead of tickets. All you need to do is to register, complete the buying process, check-in, and then use your phone when you arrive at the airport.

4. Use the Right Service


One of the main reasons for long lines and more time needed for departure is because of the necessary security check. Each passenger must be checked for the potential carrying of illegal or dangerous things. There are some great options where you can apply to confirm your identity before arriving to the airport, and quickly pass through the security procedure. Some of the best options are Global Entry, TSA, Clear, and mobile passport.

– Global Entry

This is the perfect solution when you want to travel to other countries. It represents a special security program that will require an interview if you want to apply. The main advantage is that you can avoid the detailed screening, and confirm the details about yourself at the quick stand for users of this service.

When you are a member of this service, you can pass the security line and have your passport scanned at the stand. This can save you hours of waiting time, especially during peak days when most people are traveling. When it comes to the price, it is quite affordable since the $100 fee will cover you for five years.


This service is available only in the US. There are many similarities with the previous option. The point is also the same, and that is to avoid additional security scanning processes. It can be annoying when the security decides to do an extra check-up by moving you to another room and insist on removing your jacket, open your bags, take-off shoes, and more. With this solution, you will be marked as a known traveler. Also, the subscription is under $100 for a period of five years.

– Clear

The first thing that we have to mention about this service is that it represents a private company dedicated to helping its customers to cut through lines in the fastest possible way. If you are not using any of previous options, it can be a great way to pass the detailed screening. If you are interested in this option, keep in mind that not all airports are offering it.

On the other side, there is a huge advantage of having it combined with the previous option because you will have to wait only for a couple of minutes before getting in the airplane. There is also an interesting bonus feature provided by this private company, which is the ability to skip lines in other places like music and sports events.

– Mobile Passport

The process when you are using this option is quite simple. You will have to download an app for your phone and scan your passport with it. It is perfect when you want to travel to other countries. Also, when you complete the process and get your ticket, you will get the code that you can show to the control and skip the detailed scanning. Moreover, it can be a great solution when you are travelling with family since you can add more passports on one profile and get them all checked at once.

Last Words

As you can see, there are some important things to know about the whole process of departure and arrival. There are simple tricks that will cut the waiting time, along with the additional service that you can choose according to your needs and preferences.