Aimer And Ryo-Timo Bring Us A New Anime Titled Night World

Aimer and Ryo-Timo two of the most amazing anime directors are coming together to take us through a dreamy wonderland of Night World. Both of these are quite famous for their works in the industry. Night World is an original anime project resulting from a fantastic collaboration. Aimer is widely known as the theme song singer of anime like Fate/Stay night trilogy, Fire Force 2, Vinland Saga. And now he will be back with a new anime project this time. Fans wonder will Night World take us to visit the world of dreams. Here we will tell you everything about Aimer And Ryo-Timo Bring Us A New Anime Titled Night World.

Night World is going to be a short anime project. Just a few days back an Official Twitter account opened on Monday to announce Aimer and Ryo-Timo’s original short anime project named Night World. It is also known as Yoro No Kuni. It will be a simple yet beautiful story of a young girl. From the trailer, we can say the story is beautifully written and illustrated. All the animation work looks promising, the team has worked hard on this project and it can be seen in the trailer. It will be a small girl’s journey through a mysterious world.


Trailer and Release Date

Aimer and Ryo-Timo the anime director unveiled a trailer and visuals by illustrator Nomiya. The trailer shows a dreamy land full of mysterious creatures. An owl-like creature narrates the video as a small child looks mesmerized by looking at this unknown world. The new visuals were also released. It shows the beauty of this new world. This world looks astonishing at night. Also, the tagline of the anime is “A place that you can only go late at night”. I guess this explains a lot about the anime and also about the dream of the small girl. Aimer And Ryo-Timo Bring Us A New Anime Titled Night World with new adventures.

Now coming to the release date of the anime, it will premiere on 16th April 2024 at 7:00 a.m. You can easily watch it on the official YouTube channel of Aimer.

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Cast Member of the Project

The cast looks quite interesting and it includes Junichi Suwabe as Yoru. She is going to be one of the lead characters in the anime. Next, we have Misaki Kuno as Chiya, Natasuki Miwa as Chiya’s mother. And at last, we have Hiromichi Tezuka as Chiya’s father. This will be the list of all the main characters in the show. The full list of the staff member is made available on their official site.

Ryosuke Sawa is in charge of the direction as well as original designs and storyboard in the anime. He has previously directed Yozakura Quartret and is the key animator of Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone. The real nature of the project has not been revealed. Will the anime going to be an anime series, an OVA, or an animated music video? this was all about Aimer And Ryo-Timo Bring Us A New Anime Titled Night World.

About Night World

Night World is the new original anime project by Aimer and Ryo-Timo. It is going to premiere on 16th April. One can simply watch the show on YouTube.  The show is all about the mysterious and dreamy world of a girl. The tagline given to the anime is A Place That You Can Only Go Late At Night. A small girl and her a bird resembling creature are the main characters in the anime project. That is all we have right now about the show, if any news is released we will update this article and you can read it here.

Watch the official trailer of Night World