Alice In Borderland Renewed For Season 2, Release Date, Trailer

This is about Alice In Borderland Renewed For Season 2. Alice In Borderland is a Japanese TV series. The genre is science fiction suspense thriller drama based on the manga with the same name. the manga is written by Haro Aso. And was later created for TV by Shinsuke Sato. It is a must-watch series for all gore lovers.

Alice in Borderland renewed for season 2 recently. The news is also confirmed by the creators. The original Netflix series transports our character into another world based on Arisu’s wish. And the new world in which he has entered is not a kid’s playground but a very dangerous death trap.

The series is full of death in every episode, so I would not recommend this for people with a light heart. All the death in the show is cunningly plotted and placed throughout the series.  It has got a death game survival-type setting, with some very eye-catching graphic scenes.


Alice In Borderland Season 2 Release Date

The new short promotional clip about the show has been released by Netflix Japan. This was just done to tease the audience and create hype among them.

The first season of the show recently debuted this month, and from the short clip, we can say that the second season will continue with the plot. Alice In Borderland Renewed For Season 2

The release date for the second season is not yet announced by the officials. In the short clip also don’t find any news regarding the release date. But we can expect the date the show will come in early 2024.

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About the Short Trailer

In the short trailer, we saw a card which on being flipped, show the number 2 on it. This was all in that short trailer.

Alice In Borderland Renewed For Season 2, Release Date, Trailer

We see the series is titled as parodies Alice in Wonderland, we witness that the city in which Arisu and others are transported to nothing but a wonderland. The show is exactly based on the manga by Hara Aso. The first season of this show was premiered on Netflix on 10th December 2020. It got a total of 8 episodes, and the time duration for each episode was about 50 minutes each.

Once again for season two the cast and the staff members will come together and give us the best of this series. The season has just ended a few weeks and fans have already started waiting for season two of this. We just hope that the production work for the show starts very soon and so that we can watch this amazing show. fans are in love with all characters of the show.

Alice in Borderland manga has received many other spinoff manga adaptations from various writers and directors. Show such as Daiya no King, Alice on Border Road, Alice in Borderland Retries all these are a spinoff from the original manga. Not only this, but the series was also adapted into a three-episode OVA. They were released from October to November 2014. This was about Alice In Borderland Renewed For Season 2

About Alice in Borderland

The lead character Ryohei Arisu, a high school student is done with his everyday life. He and his other two friends meet in the town to hang out and enjoy. Accidently after one blindingly bright explosion, they find themselves waking up in a different world, a deserted land.

Finding themselves in a new world, the trio focuses and participates in a survival game or dies right off the bat. The show is about their adventure into this new world fighting to live and find a way back to their world.

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