All About Kemono Jihen Episode 10: Spoiler and Preview


All about Kemono Jihen Episode 10: Spoilers and Preview

Kemono Jihen is a Japanese TV series, considered an underrated series consisting full of drama. The series glue you from the start only.


The series starts with Kohachi Inugami who is a detective who specialized in the field of the occult. He comes to a remote village in Japan, he is been tasked to investigate incidents involving rotting and mutilated livestock corpses that are happening without any specific reason.

Previously on Kemono Jihen: Episode 9

In the previous episode of Kemono Jihen, we see that Shiki and Aya have taken their mother to the hospital. She is given some special herbs to recover. Akira wonders if Ohana-Obasa who is providing herbs is human or Kemono.  Inugami reveals Ohana’s identity by telling him she is not Kemono, she is a special doctor who treats Kemono.


Seeing Aya standing near the door Shiki calls her inside, sitting alongside their mother they talked about their feelings towards their mom. Aya recalls that she had a brother when she was three. She says she has no right to sit there.

It’s been over a week since Shiki’s mon has woke up. Shiki, Aya, and their mother are staying in an inn located near the town. Shiki told everyone that he would be staying with her mom in the inn till she gets fully recovered. Inugami and others visit Shiki regularly to know about her mother’s health.

They talked about the family’s future, here Akira asks him if he is going to quit being a Kemonist. They discussed much and then the trio returned home. They wondered if Shiki is going to return or not. Inugami adds by saying as Shiki has spent a lot of time in his life alone, then it is good for Shiki to go on his way.


Ahead in the series, we see the return of Shiki, he says Kabane that until he finds his parents she will not quit being a Kemonist. Akira and others are very happy about the return of Shiki, they are glad that they still got few more days to spend with Shiki.

Aya says inugami that she is working with Ohana at his clinic, Shiki did not like this as she thinks that Aya is too young to work.  Shiki asks Kabane to stop Aya from working, but in reply, Kabane says she is very good at his work and she helps the patients with her power.

Impressed by Kabane aya asked him to go on a date with her, Kabane accepts the proposal. Akira and Shiki are surprised looking at this as they think that Kabane is not mature enough to go on a date.

Inugami says they can keep the fun aside and have a look at what’s happening down there. Reporters reveal that there are women found being hurt and having facial injuries in Harajuku. They don’t have any knowledge of who has done this.

Kemono named Katanashi

With such things happening around Kabane is worrying if all of this has something to do with Kemono. Kon decides to help and with Kabane and Aya he went to the scene but the officers stopped them by saying kids are not allowed here as this can be dangerous. By using the name of Inugami they are allowed to enter the area. Kabane can feel Kemono scent.

Having Kon left behind, Aya got pulled by an invisible lady but somehow Kabane manages to save her. Seeing the lady Kabane ask who is she and why she is attacking women?

Lady reveals her identity by saying she is a Kemono named Katanashi, she says she is taking the faces of all beautiful women and wishes to look like them. She says she loves a handsome guy but he is always surrounded by beautiful women and she is not beautiful. Aya helps her by using her silk.

Release of Episode 10

As a total of 9 episodes have already being released fans are waiting for the next episode to get released as soon as possible. Episode 10 is going to release on 14th March 2024 at 10:00. It will be released on Netflix, ANIPLUS, AnimeLab, and Funimation.