The Tokyo Ghoul ended a long time. Fans, on the other hand, want to watch other anime similar to Tokyo Ghoul. In order to please their eyes and minds. Don’t be concerned; we’ve got you covered. Today, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Anime similar to Tokyo Ghoul, that you should watch if you enjoy horror and dark fantasy.

While Tokyo Ghoul tells the tragic story of Ken Kaneki, a young, innocent boy. Many people were intrigued by his role in a dramatic identity conflict. For many, though, the anime’s delivery of brutal battles and horrific moments is what drew them in.

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Anime Similar To Tokyo Ghoul:


Shiki tells the tale of a young girl’s unfortunate death. Which marks the onset of a deadly pandemic in Sotoba’s small town. The town’s doctor, Ozaki, has doubts about the disease’s nature. But he learns the reality over time. Meanwhile, Yuuki, an antisocial adolescent, is grieving the loss of Megumi, his best friend.

Ozaki and Yuuki must first solve the mystery that has befallen their hamlet. Before it transforms into a vampire-infested ghost town in order to save their loved ones. Shiki and Tokyo Ghoul are renowned for seeking to humanize the traditional monster while balancing good and evil.

March Comes In Like A Lion:

First, on the list we have March Comes In Like A Lion. Following in the footsteps of Tokyo Ghoul. The audience’s ongoing worry for the mental and physical well-being of the tragic main character, a figure that represents what it means to be innocent from the start. Is one of the most gripping features of Tokyo Ghoul.

This is absolutely for you if you enjoy anime as much as I do. It also deals with grief and societal pressures but in a more tonal approach. Providing a relaxing impact on the viewers.


Tokyo Ghoul is full of action and was even noted for its disturbing themes. The world of Tokyo Ghoul is filled with gore and terrifying villains. Another is a great horror anime for everyone searching for a good scare and a dark mood.

There’s a new kid on the block, and instead of learning names or adjusting to a new environment. He must solve the riddle behind a decades-old curse that threatens to wipe out his entire class. As he tries to make friends with the one outcast student in his class. He discovers more about his new town’s dark past and practices.

Akame Ga Kill:

Akame ga Kill is an anime about a peculiar group of people fighting a tyrannical, conspirator-infested world. If you enjoy death and gore, this one is for you. Be aware that this anime has high-stakes battles that leave the audience wondering as to who may die next. It has rough, edgy qualities and a gloomy genre, comparable to Tokyo Ghoul.


Similar to how Ghouls and law enforcers battle with their responsibilities. In Inuyashiki, an old man and a youngster are both resurrected with robot bodies. Which are equipped with technology after a terrible disaster. It has the ability to cure as well as cause mass destruction.

Anime Similar to Tokyo Ghoul

The one uses his power to rescue lives, while the other abuse it for his own personal gain. He murders people with a smile on his face. Inuyashiki is a serious moral investigation with loads of violence. And is for those looking for a fascinating, gritty story about two generations contending with power and technology.

Blue Exorcist:

Because the world in Blue Exorcist has two dimensions, it is not what it appears to be. Humans reside in the world, known as Assiah. While Strong demons live in Gehenna and want to take over the human world. Despite the limitation on cross-world travel, there is a loophole. Devils can possess creatures in Assiah and use them to travel between realms. To prevent this, a group of exorcists fights the demons to safeguard the peace. Rin is a little child who is cursed by the fact that he is Satan’s illegitimate son. Rin’s foster father must sacrifice himself to save Rin from a dreadful fate in order to disrupt Satan’s scheme.

Anime Similar to Tokyo Ghoul

Both the main characters, like Tokyo Ghoul, begin as ordinary people whose lives are disrupted until tragic events from the hidden realm occur. Furthermore, both anime series feature humans vs an opposing race.

Future Diary:

Future Diary is an anime that sounds a lot like Tokyo Ghoul. When it comes to teen angst and drama, as well as fantasy and adventure, this is the place to be. The anime revolves around a death game to determine who will be the world’s next deity.

In which each individual gains the ability to predict the future in some way. Following that, a cast of variously deranged characters crafts some of anime’s most strange moments in a study of the modern macabre.

Attack on Titan:

There are numerous parallels between Tokyo Ghoul and Attack on Titan. Humanity vs. Man-Eating Monsters is a conflict between humanity and man-eating monsters. The primary protagonist, on the other hand, serves as an unintended link between the two.

Anime Similar to Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul approaches the subject with a fresh perspective and a sympathetic protagonist. Attack on Titan, on the other hand, deals with existential anxiety and political intrigue. This anime is presently in its final season, so fans can enjoy it and even binge it.


In a dystopian future, technology has changed human culture in unprecedented ways. Governing forces calculate one’s intention of wrongdoing using “crime coefficients.” While cops must not just consider how this affects their operations, but also operate with criminals. Fans of the new police gimmick or another nefarious universe full of monsters of a different kind will enjoy this. Psycho-Pass, like Tokyo Ghoul, is a fantastic choice.

Parasyte – The Maxim:

Anime Similar to Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki and Shinichi have a lot in common. Both were quiet students whose lives were flipped upside down by events beyond their control. They were forced to deal with terrifying creatures of enormous power and danger. Similar to Ghouls’ kagune, Parasyte may summon swords and appendages from their skin. This masterpiece is another must-see, with a plot that is more focused than Tokyo Ghoul.

That is all from Anime Similar To Tokyo Ghoul. Hope you liked it. you can catch all these amazing anime on either Crunchyroll or Funimation.