For starters, Anime is a genre of animated characters produced by the Japanese. And seeing how every online casino prioritizes the likes of popular animation characters in games, fans of anime can never get bored. So, if you are a big fan of this genre and you are looking for ways to play some of the best Anime-themed games, you are in the right place.

One of the best features of online casino UK entertainment is their ability to offer all sorts of games in different genres. In addition to that, they can provide convenient gambling services and deliver directly to your footsteps. In the end, it makes it easier for you and other Anime lovers to enjoy a wide collection of Anime-themed games right from your phone.

If you are ready to check it out, here are the top ten Anime-themed casino games you can always rely on:


1. Shinobi Wars

If you are a true fan of Anime, you should know that some of the finest plots are usually ninja plots. Talk about shows like Naruto, Boruto, and many more. If you are familiar with these plots, then you won’t have any problems trying Shinobi Wars. Shinobi Wars is a classic video slot machine with enough bonus features and graphics to thrill you all through your gameplay.

Are you also a fan of claiming special slot bonuses? If yes, prepare to claim some mouthwatering special bonuses, including free spins and multipliers ready to fill your bankroll. You also don’t have to worry about the RTP. Shinobi Wars has an ideal RTP of 96.50% with up to 25 pay lines. Not only will you enjoy your time playing this game, but you will also get the chance to win big without breaking the bank.

2. Sakura Lady


Cute Feminine Anime characters? No problem. One thing about casinos is their ability to adapt to new changes. Thanks to many professional game developers in the industry, adapting to trends had never been an issue. Sakura Lady, after being developed by Konami, is one of the first Anime-themed casino games with a flock of followers.

This game is a 5-reel slot machine that operates with up to 40 pay lines. And it follows the dramatic plot of the Sakura Lady, a cute feminine character that grows cherry blossoms. If you understand the gameplay of slots, getting fast bonuses and winning Sakura Lady should be easy for you.

3. Shogun of Time

Shogun of Time is another interesting video slot game that features an entertaining world of Japanese culture with time traveling. While it thrills your eyes with high-quality graphics and gameplay, you also get to experience its amazing plot. In case you are wondering, the slot game is all about two female Japanese samurais and their experiences with time traveling in a portal.

By the name of this Anime-themed producer, you should already expect an exclusive adventure. Of course, Just For The Win is the producer of Shogun of Time, and didn’t disappoint with the sleek and modern graphics. Furthermore, it highlights a bunch of special features and bonuses, including;

  • An RTP of 96.02%
  • 81 pay lines
  • Free Spins
  • Reel split respin feature.

4. Seirei Academy

Have you seen the academic series of Manga? If yes, you would definitely love to experience an adventure at Seirei Academy. Truly, it is not the usual kind of Anime you would expect. It is a ghost-themed adventure with lots of bonuses and characters to thrill you.

If mystery adventures are your thoughts, you are right. Seirei Academy is a mysterious video slot game, hosting exclusive gaming features that include;

  • An RTP of 96.12%
  • A multiplier of up to 200x
  • Bonus round.

5. Toki Time


Number 5 on the list is Toki Time. As you would expect from some of the liveliest Anime-themed casino games, Toki Time is fun and profitable. First, it is important to mention that the slot game comes with 5 reels and 11 pay lines with over 3000 plays in Japan alone. What is special about it?

Toki Time follows a plot that highlights exclusive graphics from cute Kawaii girls and their pets. Not only does this make the game attractive, but it has also made it one of the most played casino slots within its years of production to date. It is a wild adventure, so expect to see features, including wild symbols, free spins and an auto-play feature.

6. Saiyan Warriors


A big name in the Anime industry that will always remain for a long time is Dragon Ball Z. The infamous production of this classic series is almost indescribable. Now imagine the fast-paced actions and clean plot in Dragon Ball Z and picture a slot game. That is it! You have Saiyan Warriors.

It is a popular slot machine with a good number of special characters and bonuses to keep you winning. One important aspect of this game is how it uses the likes of big-time anime characters, including Vegeta, Goku and Piccolo to portray the adventures of battle. More interestingly, you can play Saiyan Warriors from any of your devices once you get a good internet connection.

7. Ghost In The Shell


And last on the list is Ghost In The Shell. If you play at a casino, you should have come across this casino game at least once. Yes, that is how popular and attractive it is. Considering the level of expertise and vibe put into this Anime-themed game, there is no way you would see the game and not want to try it.

It is still a big shock that many doubt the entertainment of Ghost in the Shell because it hosts only 9 pay lines. When don’t you give it a try? Do you like claiming game bonuses? Then, this is the perfect spot. With a list of special bonus offers, including wilds, scatter symbols, free spins and a progressive jackpot, Ghost in the Shell is ready to make you rich.


Are you a big fan of all things related to Anime? If yes, take one of these games and prepare to enjoy an immersive experience of some of the best anime plots right from your phone. One special aspect of these games is their lucrative and entertaining gambling markets. So, when you are ready to play and win at these games, you will always find plenty to explore.