attack on titan chapter 136

Howdy folks, today we will be discussing Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks, Release Updates, English scans, official links, Raw scan spoilers. Chapter 136 release date is on 9th January 2024.


Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 releases on 9th January 2024. The manga has reached its end with only 1-2% remaining to complete the entire series. Fans are extremely sad and to top it off, it has been confirmed that the ending will be extremely sad.

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Where to Read Attack on Titan Manga Chapter 136

Kodansha Comics is the best place to watch all the latest chapters of Attack on Titan Manga. You can read Attack on Titan chapters on Kodansha Comics at the earliest. Reading manga on the official stated websites is always appreciated. We do not encourage the use of illegal websites to read the latest manga.

Attack on Titan Chapter 135: A quick Recap!

Armin gets eaten by another titan but is not injured at all. Instead, he is captured by the titan to prevent him from shifting into a colossal titan.

The Cart Titan runs with explosives to the nape of the founding titan. But fails to explode it because the Warhammer Titan skewers the Cart Titan which immobilized it.

attack on titan chapter 136

Suddenly, 9 different Titans appear and fight according to the situation. They are actually the 9 original Titans. The founding titan effortlessly is able to create the 9 original titans and other random Titans as well.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 – Spoilers!!

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 will answer a lot of questions like – Is Armin Alive or Dead? Is Eren beyond saving?

Currently, no Raw scans and leaks have been found. We at Omnitos will make sure to update this particular article in case any spoiler is released ahead of time.

What is AOT Manga About?

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written by Hajime Isayama which later got an anime adaptation in 2013. The anime has completed 3 successful seasons and is getting prepped to release its final season. Attack on Titan is a very different anime in terms of darkness. It has pure brutality and gore scenes that have no boundaries. It is not suitable for everyone but is definitely enjoyable due to its superb illustrations and animations.

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