Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date, Levi's Death? Eren Crystalized?
Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date, Levi's Death? Eren Crystalized?

There are numerous spoilers going around the internet especially regarding Eren Crystalizing himself. Also, we see Levi at his limit and has a low chance of survival if he were to against any titans. But the ultimate ending still awaits us on April 9th, 2024. Attack on Titan Chapter 138 might also provide the perspective of the survey corps in the aftermath of the rumbling. In this blog, we will try and explain what’s going on with these leaks and summary theories. So without any further delay, let’s check out Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date, Levi’s Death? Eren Crystalized?


Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date, Levi's Death? Eren Crystalized?

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date is confirmed to be 9th March 2024. The title for Aot Chapter 138 has been stated to be “Destruction and Compromise”, the official confirmation is still pending. According to the latest reports from our sources, we can confirm that aot chapter 138 has been submitted. This means that we are in for some juicy leaks and spoilers in the days to come. The best part about aot spoilers is that they usually don’t ruin the entire chapter, but instead it hypes us up even more.

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Levi’s Death in AOT Chapter 138 – Is It Possible?

Death in AOT has been normalized from the very first chapter. Levi is one of the main characters who has not been killed in order to achieve peak fan service. But unfortunately, the great Ackerman is injured severely and has been rendered unstable in terms of physicality. It is sad to see our beloved character in such a hopeless state. Furthermore, it hasn’t been confirmed that Eren is dead.

So if Eren were to emerge as the Attack Titan, the survey corps would probably perish. As for the other titan, they are already at their limit and might not stand a chance against Eren. The Colossal Titan might be taken care of by Eren using his Warhammer titan powers. Plus, Levi has always stated that if things go south, he would be the one to strike down Eren. Mikasa is extremely powerful, but she is emotionally biased, hence making her useless in the case of assassinating Eren.

But Levi’s death seems too much for fans to handle. Also, Isayama would not want to have fans chasing him for an explanation. In other words, Levi’s death may not occur in AOT Chapter 138.

So what can we expect in Attack on Titan Chapter 138?

Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Spoilers and Leaks

A few days back, a Twitter post stating the entire summary of AOT Chapter 137 and AOT Chapter 138 was tweeted. The astonishing fact here is that the tweet was actually logical and has a high possibility of being the summary to the original Attack on Titan Chapter 138. This is the same tweet that mentions the theory of Eren being crystallized. If this were true, then it opens new boundaries for the series to end.

Isayama is extremely smart and knows how to divert our focus. He is a sleek and sneaky person who has created this masterpiece out of his imagination. So it is safe to say that we can render all these spoilers useless. Because at the end of the day, Isayama Sensei will twist the entire story and makes witness history like never before.

Read Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Online at the Earliest!

Read aot chapter 138 online

Kodansha Comics is the best place to watch all the latest chapters of Attack on Titan Manga. You can read Attack on Titan Chapter 138 on Kodansha Comics at the earliest. Reading manga on the official stated websites is always appreciated. We do not encourage the use of illegal websites to read the latest manga.

What is AOT Manga About?

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written by Hajime Isayama which later got an anime adaptation in 2013. The anime has completed 3 successful seasons and is getting prepped to end its final season. Attack on Titan is a very different anime in terms of darkness. It has pure brutality and gore scenes that have no boundaries. It is not suitable for everyone but is definitely enjoyable due to its superb illustrations and animations.

Yet another article comes to an end. Hope you weebs found this article on “Attack on Titan Chapter 138 Release Date, Levi’s Death? Eren Crystalized?” informative. Stay tuned with Omnitos to know more about Attack on Titan manga/anime release dates and updates.

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