Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan

When we anime fans from all around the world hear the name “Attack on Titan”, we suddenly got so hyped, yeah because we all know how beautifully this masterpiece is created with an amazing storyline and plot twists. It’s like we got an emotional attachment with this animated series. In this article, we will talk about Attack on Titan episode 75. Also, you will find how many episodes have left of this series.

Here’s a quick summary of the storyline. The plot of the anime is centered around our main character Eren Jeager who lost his mother when his hometown got attacked by a colossal titan. Later, he joined the scout regiment in order to take revenge on the titan and reclaim his hometown.

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan


Previously on Attack on Titan Episode

Before moving on to Attack on Titan episode 75, let’s take a look at the previous episode. Attack on Titan episode 74 is the second last episode of the whole arc aired on March 22, 2024. This whole episode concentrated on Zeke’s life past. How and when he inherited the beast titan and how the Eren Jeager came in contact with him.

Captain Levi caught the beast titan when he tried to run away from the forest. Zeke Jeager remembers his childhood memory. Grisha Jeager and Dina Fritz parents of Zeke told him that we Eldians are forced to live inside.  Zeke was doing the training of warrior candidate in which he can’t performing well and watching his lack of capability Theo Magath said that he doesn’t have the guts to inherit a titan or to be a warrior.

One day after, when Zeke did his training earlier and going home, he saw a child is playing with his father and thought he would do the same with his father but his father asked him to study more. Then one day he meets an old man Xaver who was playing with a ball and asked Zeke to pitch him. Xaver was the beast titan at that time. Xaver saw a hidden talent in Zeke and asked him to inherit the beast titan and end this titan era and told him that if a founding titan came in contact with a Royal then he can draw the full potential of founding titan.

Many years later Zeke Jeager meets Eren Jeager who also his half-brother who possesses the founding titan. And Eren got ready to work with his plan. Recalling his memories Zeke detonates the thunder spear causing a big explosion.

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Attack on Titan Episode 75 Release Date

Attack on Titan episode 75 will be the final episode of the series. As the previous episode left so many questions for us. Now we are in the climax of the arc.

Episode 75 will be aired worldwide on March 28, 2024. And, we will get all the answer of the question came in our mind after episode 74. Captain Levi is alive or not or Eren Jeager gonna die at the end of the season we will find all the answers in this episode.

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