Attack on Titan is now finally coming to its end. With the final chapter being out on April 9th, 2023. The anime is also coming to an end with its final season, season 4. In this article, we are going to discuss Eren’s founding titan.

If you haven’t read the manga, then let me remind you that this article is full of major spoilers. So let’s start without any further delay.

Eren has come a long way. From a boy with a goal to kill every titan that exists to Destroying humanity outside the island. let’s start from the beginning. From founding titan to Eren’s founding titan.


Founding Titan:

Roughly 2000 years ago Ymir Fritz gained the power of titans when she was chased and ran inside a huge tree and fell under it. A spine-like creature attaches itself to Ymir and thus she becomes the first titan. know as the founder of the founding titan. After the death of Ymir, she founds herself on a mysterious path. Then founding titan was passed down Reiss family. until Grisha Yeager, the attack titan eats Frieda and takes the founding titan. later he injects his son, Eren with titan serum and gets eaten by him. Thus Eren gains the power of attack titan and founder. Though Eren was not able to use the powers as he was not from a royal bloodline.

Eren's Founding Titan
Ymir Fritz

Eren’s Founding Titan:

Over the years Eren has learned to use hardening and unmatched strength in a very short time. Also, he understood that to use the powers of the founder he needs royal blood. Also, he has the ability to attack titan i.e. he can see into the future of the titan inheritor. this can be seen when Eren Kruger mentions Mikasa and Armin even before they were born. Eren also uses this ability to push grishia in order to take the founding titan, so that he could acquire it.

later Eren eats the young sister of willy Tybur, who had the war hammer titan. thus gaining the powers of war hammer titan. Now we all knew that Eren does not have royal blood, hence was not able to use the founder’s power. Except when he came in contact with Dina fritz’s titan. He was able to use it for a brief time.

Eren's Founding Titan
Eren’s Giant skeleton Titan Form

In the later chapters, in Land of paths, Eren convinces Ymir to stop listing to royal eldians, and that he will end the world. after which Ymir lends her strength, which gave Eren the power to communicate with the subject of Ymir through the land of paths. After which Eren unleashes all the colossal titans inside walls to protect his loved ones. These new powers let Eren summon titan shifter’s from the past and control every other titan including the 9 Titans. Many new titan shifters from the past are seen in the chapters.

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