Attack on Titan was most in-demand TV Show worldwide!

Attack on Titan was most in-demand TV Show worldwide! This might not come as a big surprise to many. Such is the power and the popularity of the anime series. Attack on Titan has gathered an immensely big fanbase, and has won the hearts of many throughout the years.

Parrot Analytics, the global audience demand analytics firm, on 25 January announced the winners for the 4th annual Global TV Demand Awards. Anime and Asian series released over the past years dominated the 4th Annual Global TV Demand Awards. The winning series for each category is determined based on Parrot Analytics global TV demand data.


Attack on Titan was most in-demand TV Show worldwide!

Attack on Titan was most in-demand TV Show worldwide!

Attack on Titan is the first-ever non-English language series to earn the title of World’s Most In-Demand TV Show. Previously, this title was owned by The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

2024 Global TV Demand Awards Winners

Let us quickly have a look at all the series that won an award at this prestigious event.

The winners for the 2024 Global TV Demand Awards are:

• World’s Choice Most In-Demand TV Show in the World 2024: Attack on Titan
• Most In-Demand Anime Series of 2024: Attack on Titan
• Most In-Demand Asian Series of 2024: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
• Most In-Demand Book Adaptation of 2024: The Witcher
• Most In-Demand Children’s Series of 2024: Spongebob Squarepants
• Most In-Demand Comedy Series of 2024: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
• Most In-Demand Documentary Series of 2024: A Perfect Planet
• Most In-Demand Drama Series of 2024: The Walking Dead
• Most In-Demand European Series of 2024: La Casa de Papel (Money Heist)
• Most In-Demand Horror Series of 2024: American Horror Story
• Most In-Demand Latin American Series of 2024: Dark Desire
• Most In-Demand Legacy Series of 2024: Dragon Ball Z
• Most In-Demand Reality Series of 2024: Shark Tank
• Most In-Demand Revolutionary Series of 2024: Squid Game
• Most In-Demand Sci-Fi & Fantasy Series of 2024: The Witcher
• Most In-Demand Series Debut of 2024: Squid Game
• Most In-Demand Superhero Series of 2024: WandaVision
• Most In-Demand Superhero Talent of 2024: Tom Hiddleston
• Most In-Demand True Crime Series of 2024: Q: Into the Storm
• Exceptional Streaming Platform of 2024: Disney+

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